weekly catch-up #2

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label.

happy sunday, crunchies!

are sundays your fun-days? or spa days? personally, i like to do absolutely nothing on sundays (if i’m not traveling)… just me and the cats…

weekly catch up on AlmostExactly Blog

ROM/WATER-ONLY UPDATE. i’ve gotten a lot of questions about how ROM is going. this might get its own post soon because i still have a lot to share (and ask you guys, for that matter!), but here’s a quick update – i’m mostly ROM still. i say mostly because i’ve been doing scalp rinses regularly lately. my water here is so terrible! there’s such a strong chemical smell, and my scalp/hair/skin really hates it… i’ve been noticing some flakes! hopefully experimenting with different filters and/or different hair rinses will prove helpful. the weekly overnight aloe masks and acv rinses every 4ish days have been great! i’d just personally prefer to be lower maintenance than this. but, as we know, our water ultimately determines our hair and skin routines. i can’t even use castile soap here. womp.

FACE MASK OBSESSION. lately i’ve been doing face masks about 2x a week. i’m so obsessed with them! i guess that’s a good thing since i’m having to create masks for a nice-sized group of people. right now i’m loving a combo of hibiscus powder, spirulina, activated charcoal, raw honey, and hemp seed oil. my face always feels so velvety-soft, polished, and moisturized after. what are your favorite masks?


SPA NIGHT – WEDDING PLANS. one of my long-time friends is marrying her beautiful fiance in the early fall, and asked me to whip up some crunchy creations for the night before the wedding. naturally, i’m suuuper planning ahead on what all to make for the brides and bridal parties. i’m thinking face masks, body exfoliation, body butters, and foot soaks. i’m currently working on some gentle masks suitable for most skin types, and i’m leaning towards making spirulina the star of the show. what do you think i should create? i’m gladly accepting ideas!

GRAIN-FREE EXPERIMENTS. i’ve been experimenting with a blend of rice and almond flour to make little mini pizzas and waffles. this was my latest creation – a spicy lime veggie pizza.  do you have any yummy grain-free recipes to share?


INTERNATIONAL TRIP. i’m super stoked to go on an international trip this upcoming weekend and cross of another bucket list item! the location is secret until i get there 😉 i can’t wait to share pictures with you guys! what’s your favorite vacation been? what made it your favorite?

LASTLY – what is this? someone please tell me. i found quite a few of these under a tree, but didn’t see anything resembling them on the tree itself.

IMG_20150607_112339what’s up with YOU this past week/weekend? i want to hear all about it!


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4 thoughts on “weekly catch-up #2”

  1. The water for showering is terrible here too! But we buy distilled water by the 5 gallon, so I just take a few glass bottles that I saved and use that for my shower and shaving, and on the rare occasion when I wash my hair. I say “rare” because I’ve actually only washed my hair 4 times this year so far, ha ha. The first 3 times were all in the same month; in like the end of January, early February. I was testing a backup, as I ALWAYS want to have a backup in case something gross gets in my hair. The last time I washed it was the other day to clean out the remaining sunscreen I had in my hair from an incident at the pool. I did wear a swim cap which protected it from the pool water beautifully, but “the incident” was before that, ha ha. I did try the ROM for about 4 months last year, but it never really worked well for me since it washed away too much of the oily part of my sebum while leaving too much of the waxy part, so it just always felt weird. Now I just don’t wash it at all except if I need to like I mentioned before. However, I still clean my hair basically every day, I just “dry clean” it with the SMP (scritch, massage, preen) technique for 30 minutes a day with my hands, plus a couple minutes with my horn combs for more fine-tuned cleaning in the morning and at night. If the ends of my hair still feel dry, I’ll put just a couple drops of distilled water on the ends, followed by a very, VERY small amount of a shea/cocoa butter mixture I have. I think it took me about 12-14 weeks to transition to this method, but it’s been treating me really well so far! Plus I love that I don’t need to think about mixing up recipes, water quality, etc. =P

  2. That fuzzy thing is a gall made by a wasp. They’re pretty cool actually, I did a project on them in an ecology class. To keep it short, it’s basically a gall wasp nest. They’re come it all different shapes/sizes/colors.

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