weekly catch-up #3

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label.

happy wednesday, crunchies! woo, this post is l-a-t-e. apologies!

this weekly catch-up is super short since i was out of the country lately. and plus, i have a bella mari make-up review post coming up for you soon! yay!

weekly catch up on AlmostExactly Blog

NEW FAVORITE LEAVE-IN. i’m currently in the thick of southern summer heat and sun, and i’ve already had to kind of switch up my hair care routine. rinsing with diluted acv happens 1x a week now to keep up with all this humidity and sweat. my hair’s been a little more on the dry side unfortunately, and oils are too heavy for it right now. i’ve opted to dilute shea moisture coconut & hibiscus conditioner into some distilled water to use as a spray. if you wanna try, you’ll have to play around with the ratios, but 1 part conditioner to 4 parts water has been great for the ends of my hair, and a 1:10 ratio better for my scalp. do you guys use this line of products? thoughts?

Screenshot 2015-06-17 18.04.43

FACE MASKS CLOTHS. a girl that works with me very generously gave me a couple of these super cool face mask cloths that you can use with your favorite toner/hydrosol/etc. they’re single-use.  i tried rose water and i’ve concluded i have to buy some of these. have you ever used these cloths? what are your favorite toners? i forgot to take a picture, but here is what they look like –

MyFaceWorks-Cloth-Facial-Mask-Review(picture from popsugar)

CAVEMAN ROUTINE. has anyone heard of this? it’s a different approach to facial skincare that requires you to do, well, nothing. no washing, no products, no oils, no masks, no exfoliating, no makeup… nothing. i’ve seen testimonials where they’ve gone 30 days and ended up with amazing skin. and i’ve seen testimonials where they’ve ended up with clogged pores and cystic acne. my current routine is mostly nothing aside from oils and masks, but i can’t imagine what my face would do if i wasn’t doing anything at all. i can totally get behind the “less is more” movement (Duh – welcome to my life), but i’m on the fence about not doing anything ever for extended periods of time mainly due to the risks involved. i hardly do anything now, and my skin is better, but i also need to exfoliate. not to mention i’m in love with face oils and masks, haha. what are your thoughts??

INTERNATIONAL TRIP. i was so incredibly lucky to have gone on a trip to Iceland this past weekend! i ate the most delicious, locally grown food, and got to travel all over the countryside. we only stayed in the main city of Reykjavik for half of the trip, but it was just as beautiful as the cabin tucked away in the mountains. if you haven’t gone, you should consider it! the 24 hour sunlight messed with my sleep cycle and my body didn’t know when to be hungry. it was weird.
every part of the country i saw was breathtaking. but the Blue Lagoon was so relaxing and beautiful! the natural silica mud found there made my skin so smooth and clear. i’m working on a new mud mask to mimick the lagoon’s powers. hopefully i can find a good mix to share soon out of the trial ones! and yes, this sulfur is indeed stinky. any ideas?
i know i’ve shared some pictures on instagram already… but look at this place –

DSC03130  DSC03227

DSC03108  DSC03202 DSC03259

DSC03252  DSC03261 DSC03262

what’s up with YOU this past week/weekend? i want to hear all about it!


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7 thoughts on “weekly catch-up #3”

  1. So I don’t really know if this will help you or not with the caveman thing, but I thought I’d put in my two cents anyways. 😉 I have fair skin, I never wear makeup or anything like that, and very rarely do I ever wash my face. Aside from a hormonal pimple or two every month, my skin is pretty much perfect (not to brag or anything lol). So yeah, if I were you I’d give it a try, there’s nothing better than not having to spend 20 minutes in front of the mirror every morning. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Hey AlexRaye and Co.
    Here is my experience with “The Caveman”
    I started living more crunchily last February 2014 when I discovered the OCM which led me to this blog. I then went no poo and am still going back and forth with ROM, its a love hate relationship.
    So around July I found out about “the caveman regimen” on http://thelovevitamin.com/ I really like Tracy and how she shared her journey to skin transformation but I believe there are other variables that contributed to her skin’s regulation. (her healthy diet, her self-education on hormonal acne, her early studies about food allergies, etc.) Although the technique of not doing anything to your skin sounds simple, the intellectual work to control your diet and hormones counteracts it’s simplicity. WITH THAT BEING SAID I do think it is a WONDERFUL thing to study oneself and determine what parts of our diet are effecting our skin, and self-educating ourselves on how to have the most healthy functioning organs possible. (I myself will be doing the Oliogoantigenic diet next month to start my own journey of education on food allergies and healthy living.)
    What I also love about Tracy’s anthem for The Caveman Regime is that she addresses the emotional freedom that comes from her not doing anything to her skin, she feels her journey to the Caveman led her to concur feelings of insecurity; that she had to hide behind makeup to feel beautiful. I respect and admire her search for freedom from self-contempt, I think many of us can empathize with her feelings.

    In July last year I tried the caveman for myself. I have oily combinations skin with some strange dry patches under my eyebrows. I usually only have hormonal breakouts around my mouth (at that time of the month) and clogged pore breakouts from wherever my glasses touch my skin, etc. On the caveman my whole face felt blanketed in oil (like OCM before the warm washcloth) and I started getting breakouts all over my forehead and cheeks (places I had never before broken out). With face-mapping I recognize that these areas are linked to my small intestine and stomach, but I was not at a place in my life where I had full control over my diet. (I was living in Italy during the humid months, and was politely required to eat from my boss’ table.) I did also get dry patches of skin around my nose and chin (which I was warned would happen, because your dead skin just forms up on your face until it falls off…yuck) these went away after awhile but did not lead to impressively glowing or beautiful skin underneath. (so I’m not sure it was worth it) The small acne on my forehead kept going away and coming back, and I never really got to the place where my skin was sustainably healthy.

    Lastly, what I bothered me the most about “The Caveman Regimen” was that I no longer had the freedom to pamper myself. The comfort that comes from washing the day off of your face, or the tingling clean after a mudmask was no longer available to me. I think you Alex Raye will really miss the experience of participating in your skin’s health. I know I did.

    So to recap, I really think the Caveman Regimen could work for you if:
    1. you eat super healthy and have the freedom to control your own diet.
    2. you take proper vitamins and supplements and have already educated yourself on which foods cause inflammation to your skin.
    3. you desire to let your skin be a completely separate organ outside of your conscious control, and don’t mind a hard few months of ‘regulating’.
    4. you don’t like your skin care routine and still think it is too much work and don’t enjoy the concept of self pampering.

    I am back to the OCM and my magic ratios are 1/2 argan oil 1/2 castor oil. I tone with whatever i’m feeling that day, sometimes a diluted ACV, sometimes a citrus peptide serum, sometimes nothing at all. And then if I feel the need for extra moisture in my dry patches I pat a little Jojoba oil, or argan oil in those places.
    In a moment of weakness (that I will forever be grateful for) I also bought myself a Clarisonic and use that in the shower twice a week with an emu oil soap, it gives me just the right amount of exfoliation and I am very pleased.
    I still get hormonal acne but hope that that will subside once I discover my food allergies on the Oliogoantigenic diet next month (i fear it might be coffee guys! 😦 i’m an addict to the Joe)

    Perhaps because you already eat so healthy AlexRaye, this Caveman experiment would be worth a try, I for one would be interested to hear someone else’s full length experience. Perhaps like adjusting to ROM, and like Anonymous’s skin care regimen above, we could train our skin to not need daily washing or pampering, Caveman MWF, OCM TuTHSu, Face masks Saturday morning!

    Hope this helps! Iceland looks amazing, it has always been on my bucket list to get there.

    1. Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your story and some tips! This is incredible!! I can see myself missing the pampering part for sure 🙂

  3. Iceland looks beautiful. My dad went for a business trip years ago and he still says by far it was the most beautiful, clean country he has been too. By the way, love your site, it really helped me through the no poo method. It has been a full year now (can’t believe my hair is so soft now because that trial period was so gunky!). In the past few months I have switched to mostly the ROM method, with every now and then using egg yolk on my scalp. Definitely miss the yummy smell of hair products, but not the crap that’s it in. Will have to check out that conditioner, I live in FL and totally get you on the humidity and sweat. As far was the cave man method for skincare, not to sure about that. I did try the oil cleansing method and it was awful for my face, I now use a toner and cleanser from Primal Skincare, but I find I really only wash my face with it once a week or so, mostly out of laziness and my skin is actually better. I rarely put anything on my face makeup wise and OMG that is so freeing! So I get the concept because my skin is clearer now with barely doing anything but nothing….ever… not too sure. Plus I love carrot seed oil & raspberry oil for when I’m out in the sun for extended time. Thanks again for this blog, a huge life saver and kudos to you about going for a certification.

  4. Hell no to the cave man routine. Your face and skin does need maintenance and protection, no compromise there

  5. Where can I get those face mask cloths? I’ve seen them, with other products before, but never just a cloth I can apply my own toner. I make my own toner, I infuse apple cider vinegar and witch hazel with; rosemary, thyme, lavender and chamomile. Then I add the same essential oils, with the addition of lemongrass and geranium. Dilute with distilled water, and sometimes rose hydrosol. Recently I bought several hydrosols from Plant Therapy, and have been adding sandalwood, geranium and lavender hydrosols. It smells so good.

    1. hey adrienne! your toner sounds absolutely heavenly!! i found a few on amazon (prime) that resemble the ones i was given to a T. they don’t seem to be crazy expensive either; yay! hope this helps!

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