Q&A Video! with a surprise!

it’s here!

thanks to everyone who emailed me, DM me, commented, etc.
below is the Q&A video, and under that are links to all products i mention in the video!

and if you submitted a question, you were automatically entered to WIN a surprise give-away. watch the video to see what’s being given away & if you’re the winner!

let me know your thoughts on the video and if we should do this again.




Brand Price (USD) Oz Price per Oz
Badger Company $16 2.9 $5.52
climbOn $18.25 3 $6.08
Loving Naturals – Baby $25 4.3 $5.81
Loving Naturals* $15 4.3 $3.49
Primally Pure $18 2 $9.00
Aubrey Organics* $16 4 $4.00


Brand Price (USD) Oz Price per Oz
Acure $10 8 $1.25
Dr. Bronner’s $10 8 $1.25
Nature’s Paradise* $39 9 $4.33
Nourish Organic* $10.50 8 $1.31
Tropical Traditions* $16 8 $2.00
Indigo Wild – Zum Body $16.50 8 $2.06


Dr Bronner’s Pump Soap

Dr. Bronner’s all-purpose castile soap


Clean Well Foaming Pump


Kenz Laurenz on Amazon


grow your hair quickly

soothing dry, itchy scalp


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32 thoughts on “Q&A Video! with a surprise!”

  1. I dont know if its just my computer, but your link to the hand sanitizer wont work for me! would you mind seeing if something went wrong with the site? Thank you! 😄

  2. Greetings Alexraye!
    I much enjoyed this video! 🙂
    I was just wondering where do you get your cod liver oil? what is zee brand? and how much does it cost?

  3. Loved the video! And it was so cute when you were going to let people smell the rose oil! Very informative, thanks for all you do!

  4. Hi! What brand boar bristle brush do you use? I’m having so much trouble finding one that isn’t part nylon or $150. Thank you!!!

  5. This video was so helpful! You should definitely do more in the future 🙂
    A bit less than a year ago i started on the no poo method. I was fully prepared for a transition period, but six months into it my hair still hadn’t worked itself out. I would wash every three days or so but through the whole time the areas on the sides of my head never got clean, even right after washing they were greasy looking! I clarified at the beginning and a few times throughout and we have water softeners so i know hard water isn’t the problem. I ended up just giving up and going back to conventional hair products but i really want to go back and do what’s better for my body. Do you have any advice or ideas as to what the issue may have been?

  6. For hair removal, it’s expensive, but works pretty well, especially on facial hair- there’s always laser hair removal. It doesn’t involve chemicals, so I don’t think it goes against your beliefs

  7. For the hair removal question my sister introduced me to moom (http://moom.com/Home/) which is a natural/organic waxing system. It has an amazing rating on EWG’s Skin Deep and I know for sure it works better than wax. I washes off with water so it’s easy to use and you can reuse the cloth strips.

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