bella mari makeup – product review

happy wednesday, crunchies!

in lieu of a “weekly  catch-up” post, here’s an all-natural makeup product review i’ve been dying to share with you!

please note this review is NOT sponsored in any way. i’d be surprised if they even knew i existed! 🙂

when i look for an all-natural makeup product, i look first to the ingredients, and second to the price. to be honest, it’s the prices these companies charge that deter me more than anything. i know exactly what the ingredients are in most of these and i can’t justify the prices. i’ve tried to DIY most of my makeup (powder, blush, eye shadow, bronzer, eyeliner), but i’ve always wanted to try actual purchased products, too!

bella mari passed the test for good ingredients at a good price. but do they pass the wear test?

bella mari


bella mari eyeshadows come in both matte and pearl colors. i’m more of a matte person; i think my big blue eyes look weird with glitter on them. however, i got both versions for testing! the colors i chose were – dark chocolate, plum pretty, cameo cream, raspberry chardonnay, and taupe (matte version).

these eye shadows are highly pigmented and the perfect consistency for blending lighter or layering darker. if you’re on the lighter side, cameo cream also doubles as a great highlighter/strobing powder. the only thing i was disappointed in was the creasing i had after a work day. i seem to have that problem with pretty much every eye shadow i’ve ever worn, even non-crunchy ones, so i’d love some advice on this!

overall, i’d definitely purchase these again! and at under $8 per color, they’re much more affordable than most other ‘green’ eyeshadow products.


i opted for a lip tint over the lipsticks because i don’t think i’ll ever finish a tube of lipstick and the tints are in smaller tubes at better prices. you can buy samples of the lipsticks though if you want a small amount or want a chance to try a lot of colors. i also did that!

for these lip tints, the color is rich and creamy… i have rose pink in matte. but i honestly can’t get past the fact they use fennel. it’s pretty disgusting in my opinion. so despite the great price and great color, i will most definitley not be purchasing these again. however, their lipsticks don’t have fennel and are just as great! i have the color “enchantment” – a rosy berry, if that makes sense. this one did have shimmer that’s a bit visible still after application, so keep that in mind. if you don’t mind that and  if you’re in the market for an all-natural lipstick, check these out! and if you don’t mind fennel, go for the tints!


not gonna lie, i’ve really struggled with this foundation, but it’s been my fault. the samples are absolutely fantastic for color-matching. they give you a pretty decently sized amount. but i’ve found them to be tacky with a lot of settling and slip (i don’t have overly oily or dry skin). but then i discovered the wonders of the beauty blender, which i previously (read: incorrectly) discounted as an unnecessary tool for the every day person.

jess, an AE reader, gave me the great advice of dampening the beauty blender before i use it to help with application. it still sucks up a lot of foundation and i use a lot more than i did before, BUT it’s not tacky and it doesn’t slip! it looks so much more natural throughout the day. i’ve been setting it with kaolin clay that i’ve lightly pigminted with brown iron oxide. i’m not really into makeup brushes (readers -please advise!), but i use ecotools. thanks, jess!

the finish is dewy, so that’s why i use powder. don’t get me wrong – it looks beautiful on its own and i really love the dewy look, but it slips over the course of the day. i’d also say this is light to medium coverage, with the slight ability to build.

overall, i’d repurchase these. the ingredients are great and $20 per ounce, they rival the prices of more popular ‘green’ foundation. however, i’m testing out other foundations (yep, i’ll be reviewing!) so hold that thought. maybe even a mix of foundations will work! what are your favorite foundations?



bella mari has other makeup AND beauty products (makeup here and hair/body products here). while i haven’t tried all of these, the ingredients and prices look lovely! please comment if you’ve tried these and leave some advice for us crunchies 🙂

please leave your favorite makeup products in the comments, and why they’re your favorite! mascara seems to be the one i get asked about most, so let’s hear about your all-natural mascara choices!

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19 thoughts on “bella mari makeup – product review

  1. alex would you be willing to do “makeup looks/tutorials”? I absolutely love the look here and i’d love to know what you are using to create these looks. just gorgeous! thanks so much for your blog! you make it very easy to go more clean and green and your blog is super entertaining!

  2. thanks for the review. Have you tried Moody Sisters brand yet? I think you’d really like it. They have makeup and bath/body items. Id love to see you do a review

  3. Hi Alex, just wanted to say i just switched my 100%pure foundation powder for “ere perez” (is an australian brand) oat milk foundation and im loving it, i also bought a few other stuff like a lip&cheek balm made of carrot and the colors are so beautiful maybe you should give it a try

    ps. i love your blog, everytime i have doubts i search for it and get answeres!

  4. I have also switched over to green products in my house and have been no poo / water washing for over a year but am definitely struggling on the makeup end. I rarely wear makeup but for that special occasion love to do up my eyes. What do you recommend for mascara? Your eyelashes look so lovely in the picture!

  5. Hi, such a lovely blog!!!
    I also purchased bella mari samples, i got the peek-a-boo, jealousy and enchantment lipstick samples, my fav is the enchanment!! The others are nice colors too, just not for me. i really wanna find a light reddish color with no shimmer at all, but i cant…
    And i got 4 liquid foundations from bella mari but i cant tell those are good or not, cuz i dont use foundation at all. Not because my skin is perfect (haha), just because i hate putting foundation on my face.
    I also have the plum pretty and the taupe eye color, and the perfect plum blush, and the adobe sunset blush. These are nice matte shades, the adobe is very vibrant coral color, great for night.
    And i have 2 shampoos from bella mari, aka herbal choice mari. Sweet orange&cranberry, and lemongrass&ginger. But i havent tried these yet, but both smell yummy:)
    I think the Honeybee Gardens has pretty good make up line. The most affordable pressed eye shadows, in very nice matte colors.
    I have eye pencils from them too, black and green, i like those too. Not long lasting but i dont expect that. The inci list is fair, but the pencils made in china tho…. What can i say?
    The BareMinerals has also good stuff, but pretty pricy. Nice palettes and i like the eyeliners.
    Larenim is great make up line, it has very good eye primer. I tried the Medusa make up, the mineral eye dust is natural but awful. Very very messy and lasts only 30 mins or so…

  6. Thanks so much for the information!! 🙂 I love hearing about clean beauty companies and I know your reviews are always honest! Although, it might have been nice to have a few more pictures… but nonetheless, thanks! 🙂

  7. Just to be clear, iron oxides ARE safe to use as long as they are NOT labeled ‘nano’? So ‘non-nano iron oxides’ ARE safe to use? I don’t normally wear make-up at all but I am looking to start wearing a lip tint or lip stick as well as possibly a mascara that is safe. Thank you for your help!

      1. Thank you so much!
        (I really appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to being as thorough as you are about your research and findings! It is so helpful and I have combed the majority of your posts for advise on all things natural. You are an absolute gem for people who find the research overwhelming but necessary! Thank you again!)

  8. I’ve gone green/clean with lots of things the past few years, including food, cleaning products, paper/feminine products (switched to cloth and menstrual cup), and body and hair care, but for some reason makeup has been one of the last holdouts. I think it’s a combination of the fact that I don’t wear it all that often, plus the high cost of more natural brands. BUT I have started to slowly (s-l-o-w-l-y) switch over to natural products in the makeup department as well.
    When I run out of something, I’ve been using the Skin Deep Database to find products that are still “conventional” (read: cheap), but a 2 or lower on their scale. So far I’ve switched to Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer, Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation, Almay Wake Up Undereye Concealer, and Physicians Formula Organic Wear Blush, all rated at a 2 on the database.
    I know this still isn’t even close to an ideal solution, but I thought it might help someone else who’s also just starting out with this!
    P.S. Sometimes it makes me angry to think that these brands obviously CAN make their products safer, because some of them ARE, but they just choose not to 😡

  9. Perfect, I’m scraping the bottom of my “almost edible” lipstick and was just procrastinating the search for another one. Thank you, I’ll check them out:)

    Most eco-stores back home sell Dr. Hauschka products and I purchased their mascara. I don’t know if it’s completely natural though. Probably not. Didn’t have time to order online and this had the friendliest ingredients compared to anything else. Price was A LOT for a mascara though. However, It has been good to my sensitive eyes – they used to get watery after using any other mascara. It stains a bit, but I can live with that. Looking forward to some suggestions, too:)

    PS: Alex, you’re gorgeous!:)

    1. hey laura!! 🙂 ah, nice timing! what kind of lipstick do you have now? and thanks for the mascara tip for all of us! ps- as are you! thank you, xo!!

      1. Hey!:) I have Bella Pierre now. Well it was the saleslady’s talk, though:D that convinced me, but it is a brand of mineral make-up and they also have a couple of shades of lipstick (may be changed by now, but when I bought it, it was the closest thing to natural there was- it was about a year ago, i wear it almost every day:D). The knowledge is kind of a burden – there are so many gorgeous and popular make-up brands out there, but I just don’t want to buy anything that has a mile long ingredient list.. double trouble finding something good without having to order it online:D

  10. Odd question, but how does the foundation smell? I’ve had some issues with the smell of some natural foundations. Not than non-natural ones smell any better, but some of the natural ones seem to use an ingredient (I’ve smelled it in several) that is particularly strong for my senses.

    1. great question maria! it smells kind of waxy mixed with… hmm… dirt? if you’ve ever been in home depot or lowe’s, it actually kind of smells like that. haha

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