weekly catch-up #6

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label.

happy monday, crunchies!

this past weekend i got to go home and see my family, pups, and freakin amazing best friend. there’s nothing better than time with these people and pets!

how was your weekend??

we have a product review-based catch-up today! don’t forget to leave your feedback on these products below!

SHEA MOISTURE MINI HAUL. i purchased a handful of items from the BOGO last week – coconut hibiscus shampoo, coconut hibiscus lotion, and coconut hibiscus moisture mist. i’m not one for lotions or shampoos, but i figure i should try more of their products if i’m going to continue to list some of their products as ‘safe’ swaps for conventional ones.
low-poo: lately i’ve been debating going fully low-poo (washing every 1.5 weeks-ish) with the coconut hibiscus shampoo. this southern heat has been a complete swamp land and i’ve noticed a change in my scalp. my local water supply has gotten some pretty bad marks in the last few quality reports, so i’m thinking it’s a combo of crap in my water in addition to the weather. don’t get me wrong – i love LOVE being WO (water-only), and i love clay washes, but i’m just looking for a change. and who knows, maybe i start down the low-poo path again and realize why i left it in the first place! low-poo is such a great natural hair care path to be on, but for me personally, i enjoy the laziness and ease of travel with being WO. but so far (1 wash) it’s been pretty good. however,  i will say i was disappointed in how my hair lost some volume and holding power, due to less sebum coverage, but i was impressed that it still felt soft and it left behind a nice, subtle smell. i’d give this a thumbs up so far!
lotion: this lotion smells so, so good! it has a nice, thick, creamy texture, but for my skin, it leaves behind a very slight greasy feel. i don’t use lotion in the first place, though, so that may be my issue. if i need some moisture, i turn to hemp seed oil, kukui nut oil, argan oil, or coconut oil, depending on how dry my skin is and what the weather is like. for my skin, hemp seed oil absorbs the best and is the lightest, whereas coconut oil is  a heavy moisturizer for me. thumbs up for this lotion so far from me!
moisture mist: if you’ve ever struggled with putting too much oil on the length or ends of your hair no matter how little you use, let me just point you in the direction of this spray. it’s all of the yes. it’s a blend of water, carrier oils, and essential oils, with a very fine misting pump nozzle. i have wavy/straight hair and just a few sprays was enough to leave it super soft and shiny. the curlier your hair is (lucky!), the less effective i think it will be, because of the dilution of the oils into water. those beautiful curls need more moisture than other hair types! that being said, this is a product where you’d wanna start with light coverage and work your way up if needed, because it’s oil-based. you can also use this as a smoothing spray before you braid or curl your hair (heatless of course) so it holds better the next day. big thumbs up from me!


HONEYBEE GARDENS EYELINER. while shopping for the SM BOGO, i stumbled upon some eyeliner pencils through Honeybee Gardens. the ingredients looked good and the price was right ($8) compared to other green beauty eyeliner products, so i decided to splurge and try it! i got the color ‘smoking gun’, (a darker steel gray shade) without realizing it was shimmery…. very shimmery. the liner itself is extremely soft, so you have to use a lighter touch than with a conventional liner. i found it’s really nice for smudging, but i definitely need to get a shimmer-less color for my big eyes. to round it off, it has some pretty nice staying power, too! i tight-lined my eyes with it before workand it lasted the whole work day. i even swatched some on my hand and it stayed for awhile, although it smudged easily there. overall, i really like this pencil! but  if you don’t like the shimmer (i’m personally not a fan), opt for a different color. i’d give this baby a thumbs up!

ROSEMARY BUNDLES. i clipped a bunch of rosemary and put them into little bundles to hang and dry. these will mostly be used for some herbal hair rinses, but of course you can use rosemary for other things. would you guys be interested in a post for its uses? lemme know!


TRAVEL TIPS. this week’s post is going to be on traveling with all-natural & diy beauty products. they’re all tested and TSA-approved, so hopefully this will help any of you that are traveling! if you have any specific questions, leave them below!


what’s up with YOU this past week/weekend? i want to hear all about it!

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10 thoughts on “weekly catch-up #6”

  1. I’m low-poo & LOVE the Shea Moisture products for my thick, wavy hair! I alternate between the Retention Shampoo and the Coconut Hibiscus shampoo. I was worried the Retention shampoo would be too heavy and way my hair down, but it doesn’t. I also use the Moisture Retention conditioner on my ends after every shampoo. While my hair is still wet I apply a nickel sized amount of the Coconut Hibiscus styling lotion and then finish it off with the Hold and Shine Moisture Mist and let it air dry. Works great!

  2. Would love herbal recipes! I’m growing lemon balm, pineapple sage and rosemary all in my front garden this year.

  3. Right now I’m low poo, using the Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo and Coconut Hibiscus Conditioner. Love them both. I was doing Baking Soda and ACV for a few months, but decided to switch over. I noticed that at first, the Shea Moisture left my hair a little bit sticky at the ends, probably because it was so used to the no poo. I just kept using it and trained my hair to like it, and now it feels perfect! I love being able to use Coconut Oil masks. Haven’t used any of the Honeybee Gardens products yet but I have been meaning to buy some. I’m waiting to run out of my current eyeliner. 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome posts, I love reading them!

  4. Loving these weekly catch-ups! I have a question: now that its beach weather, how are you combating the extra salt/sand in your hair? I’m currently WO with an ACV rinse once a week. My hair has just been more tangled, especially after beach days. Will more frequent rinses help this? Or should I try a low-poo after dips in the ocean? Thanks for all the info, love your blog!

  5. Yeah, the travelling.. When I came travelling (with no end-time set), I took very little home made products with me, because I intended to travel with only hand luggage (essentially backpacking with very little things) and they don’t allow too much liquid in the cabin. I also figured that I’ll be able to make the simplest stuff everywhere (you know, baking soda and vinegar for hair, vinegar facial cleanser, baking soda mask,coconut oil in Asia, I hoped to get natural soaps etc etc). Oh boy was I wrong – even baking soda can not be found in several countries that I have been to in the past 8.5 months, not even talking about natural products, and even coconut oil is more expensive in a coconut kingdom, can you believe that?! :D. I’m just making the best of what I have, I am back to using shampoo (the most natural and greener version I could find) and I sometimes use conventional body wash, because nothing, I mean NOTHING natural is available. I’m grateful to be using very little make-up, because my stash still lasts… Crazy! When I go back home you can bet I’ll be in my kitchen like a crazy scientist , cooking up body butters, hair products, soaps etc:D

    I would be interested in rosemary hair rinse, though:)

  6. Hey Alex!
    I’ve really been appreciating your product reviews, so.. thanks! They’re really helpful. I was wondering your thoughts on the 100% Pure products you bought awhile ago? I’ve really been wanting to purchase the eyeshadow palette, but it IS pretty expensive and I’ve been waiting to hear your thoughts on it! 🙂
    Thanks a bunch, I love your website!

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