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emu bliss – product review & giveaway

awhile ago, i publicly professed my love for emus… and their oil.

not long after, a wonderful lady named carole reached out to me about her new company. all of her products feature emu oil. she graciously offered samples for me to review, and after checking ingredients, i happily accepted.

emu oil is another miracle oil that has a multitude of uses from head to toe. these products reflect that!


emu oil – this emu oil is packaged in an amber glass bottle to prevent degradation. it’s a very purely pressed oil – a very creamy white. to read more about the oil and it’s uses, see my original post here and be sure to sift through research articles and testimonials. this is definitely a multi-use oil! it’s pretty phenomenal.

ingredients: AEA certified grade a emu oil


on-the-go first response stick. this multi-use salve is in a twist-up tube. genius. i’ve been carrying it in my bag everywhere i’ve gone since i received it. for the 4th of july, i went to my family’s river house, where bugs love to munch on you. my mom and i were using this stick on a few bug bites we got. they itched less and healed faster! talk about great timing for receiving carole’s package, right? the size and packaging make it really great for carrying around every day, as well as taking it with you on your travels. it’s definitely a must-have in my carry-on.

ingredients: AEA certified grade a emu oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil infused with (calendula flower, comfrey leaf, chamomile flower, lemon balm leaf), montana beeswax, cocoa butter, aloe oil, vitamin e, evening primrose oil, golden seal root extract, essential oils of (tangerine, cajeput, carrot seed)


banish my callus. i prefer tennis shoes and flats (okay, really i prefer no shoes at all), but my office prefers i wear nicer shoes. unfortunately two devil pairs have given me calluses on the backs of my heels. i’ve been using this cream overnight, and reapplying in the morning, then placing a bandaid over them. it’s helped so much! it smells just like clove oil (reminds me of thanksgivings when my mom would made honey ham) and absorbs quickly, without being greasy. a little goes a very long way with cream! it’s been great on my elbows, too! but what i’m most excited for is using this as my go-to face moisturizer. yes, you read that correctly. i read the ingredients and it sounded great for so many uses. naturally i tried it on my face after seeing how quickly it absorbed on my feet and arms. readers – i promise you this is the best facial moisturizer i’ve ever used. this would be great for all skin types, as it’s very gentle and fast-absorbing. after this jar is used up, i’ll be buying a bigger one!

ingredients – aloe gel, sunflower oil, emu oil, sweet almond oil, montana beeswax, lanolin, vitamin e, extracts of benzoin, grapefruit seed, and comfrey root, essentials oils of clove bud, chamomile, and carrot seed


banish my pain. right now i’m seeing a sports physical therapist every 2 weeks to work out stress knots in my upper back, shoulders, and neck. yea, it’s that bad. i was really glad this was given in the sample package! i’ve been rubbing this balm on my neck and shoulders every night before i go to bed. it it helps me relax a few minutes before hopping into bed! the eucalyptus oil is the strongest scent in this product, so definitely therapeutic! keep in mind this is a balm, so it will be a little greasy. let it absorb a few minutes before putting clothes on or laying down.

ingredients: AEA certified grade a emu oil, sunflower oil infused with (wild crafted arnica flower, calendula flower, chamomile flower, lemon balm leaf), montana beeswax, shea butter, tocopherol/natural vitamin e, essential oils of (cajeput, lavender, eucalyptus), grapefruit seed extract


banish my rash. this product is so creamy and fast-absorbing! i think it smells like a forest, too; very clean smelling! i’ll definitely be passing this onto my brother, who has bouts of eczema. it’s had nothing but rave reviews for skin ailments and i’m hopeful my little brother will love it! i’ll be sure to report back!

ingredients: organic aloe gel, AEA certified grade a emu oil, organic sunflower oil, organic olive oil, organic evening primrose oil, beeswax, organic shea butter, vitamin e, organic chamomile extract, organic calendula extract, organic comfrey extract, grapefruit seed extract, essential oils of lavender, lemon, carrot seed and rose



all of these products get two thumbs WAY up from me! i’m in love with the fact they all contain emu oil. super cool! it’s such a great healing oil.

TO BROWSE & BUY: visit carole’s website directly HERE. i’m not receiving any compensation for sales so please click and purchase to your heart’s content!

in addition to the review, carole has very generously offered a GIVEAWAY to my crunchies!


one winner of the giveaway will receive one Emu Bliss product of their choice.


see the rules and enter the giveaway here.
you have until this friday the 31st to enter.

good luck to everyone!



21 thoughts on “emu bliss – product review & giveaway

  1. The pure emu oil is what I’d like to try. I did not realize there were so many uses and I’ve tried it before….

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