weekly catch-up #7

happy monday, crunchies!

i hope everyone had a great weekend!

the highlight of my weekend was floating down a river with some friends, however, i got quite the sunburn. what did you do this weekend?


ROSE HYDROSOL. as we all know, i love rose anything! i purchased a spray bottle of organic rose water and i have to say – i’m in love. i have the brand inflora botanica, purchased here (not an affiliate link). rose water can be used as a toner, humectant, anti-inflammatory, spray to help with oily and blemished skin, lightly scented body or hair spray, and a spray to help with fine lines and wrinkles. this refreshing floral  hydrosol is also high in vitamin c and antioxidants, so spray away! the brand i have is a tad expensive, but the quality is superior. it smells heavenly! what are your favorite hydrosol uses?


SUNBURN REMEDIES. with the terrible sunburn i got yesterday, i’ve been constantly putting some remedies on my skin to draw out the heat and heal my skin. i first rinsed my body with cool water to get the river off of me, then sprayed down with rose water. next i slathered a mix of aloe and acv all over me (1 part acv to 3 parts aloe). after a few layers of that, i mixed up a thick, heavy duty “lotion” (it’s not really a lotion because it’s runny.. and no, it doesn’t smell good unfortunately). i used 2 parts acv, 2 parts aloe, 4 parts plain, full-fat kefir, and 4 parts unsweetened coconut milk. this stuff will suck the heat right out of your burn and help the redness dissipate quickly. once the heat is gone, then you can put your  oils on your burn. i’m using emu oil.  what are your go-to sunburn remedies?


KISS ME ORGANICS TEA. on amazon prime day, i stocked up on one of my favorite teas – dandelion root. i bought it here (not an affiliate link) as a pack of 5. i love the earthy flavor of this tea with some coconut milk, and sometimes raw honey. roasted dandelion root tastes better in my opinion, too.  yum! this particular kind also has hibiscus and cinnamon, but honestly i don’t taste the cinnamon. dandelion root tea is great for easing digestion and helping with bloating.  it also is touted for helping ease those going through menopause, and if you’re into ayurvedic practices, it removes heat (hello, pitta).

what’s up with YOU this past week/weekend? i want to hear all about it!

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7 thoughts on “weekly catch-up #7”

  1. Hello Lovely Alex!
    This is Lorna, founder of Inflora Botanica of the rosewater you have posted about in this helpful blogpost! Thanks so much for featuring us. We are just a little guy right now, so your support is so fantastic- many thanks. I founded Inflora Botanica on the philosophy of “do no harm”, and so we offer products with absolutely zero chemicals. Anyway, thanks so much for this great review of our product. You ARE almost exactly a hippie! Same here!! 🙂 Living close to the earth promotes natural beauty and a happier outlook by helping us stress down. That’s how I see it anyway… Misting with the rosewater totally calms me, pulls me into the present moment, and it makes my skin happy. I’m so glad it helped soothe your burn (ahhh, bioavailable vitamin C! Antioxidants! Cooling natural scent!)

    Your roasted dandelion tea with coco milk sounds truly mouth-watering and tasty. Thanks for the great recipe! I look forward to learning more for you through your carefully curated blog. Best Wishes Always, Lorna

  2. You have another excellent sunburn remedy already on hand: your Emu Bliss emu oil! Sunburn was one of the first conditions that the Australian aborigines realized it could help relieve when they applied it to their skin thousands of years ago.

  3. This post came in so handy! I just bought some roses just yesterday and I had heard already all the benefits from it. My hair is a bit dry

    1. …Due to hard water and hair dyes, plus it’s a great toner so I found a blog where they show you the Indian (supposedly more concentrated) way to make rose water! 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear your sun burnt! A great sunburn treatment my dad taught me uses iced tea! He would brew really strong black tea (10 or 12 bags for 1/2 gallon) let it sit in the fridge until it cooled and then would hop in the shower and pour it on his burns. Worked wonders! He told me that the tannic acid in tea was what helped them heal. I tried it the only time I ever was sun burnt and it provided me massive relief!

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