weekly catch-up #8

happy monday, crunchies!

i hope everyone had a fun and/or relaxing and/or productive weekend!

what did you do?

today’s catch up post will be super short. don’t forget to leave your thoughts and advice below!


i’m in the market for a lipstick that doesn’t break the bank. i’d ideally like one darker berry color and one rose color. luckily i have 6 different samples coming my way (should be here tomorrow) and i can’t wait to share them with you! what are your favorite lipstick brands and colors?? (picture from honeybee gardens)


GNATS & ANTS. lately my apartment has seen an on-going gnat problem and a short-lived ant problem. the ants i got rid of easily by covering them in food-grade diatomaceous earth (i have this kind), vacuuming them up, and reapplying the dirt in case there were any stragglers. i use this method alone for ants because diatomaceous earth is safe for mammals to ingest (ie – my cats) yet tears up anything with an exoskeleton. pretty neat stuff! as for the gnats, i’ve tried a lot of things… honey on post-its, wine bottles with fruit pieces, etc. i’d LOVE for you guys to leave me some tips on how to get rid of gnats!


TSI-LA ORGANICS. i’ve been eye-balling this brand for awhile now while searching for an all-natural perfume and/or perfume oil. the reviews are great, the ingredients are up to snuff, the scents sound heavenly… but oh, those prices. britanie, the beautiful lady behind beauty by britanie, wrote a thumbs-up review (which is where i got the beautiful picture). i was thinking of getting some samples. you can see those here. has anyone tried this brand? any suggestions? please leave your favorite brands and scents below!

what’s up with YOU this past week/weekend? i want to hear all about it!

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7 thoughts on “weekly catch-up #8”

  1. Hi Alex! My favorite perfume has been from Pacifica. I am in LOVE with their Waikiki Pikake scent! I also have their French Lilac blend in a roll-on and their Tahitian Gardenia in a solid perfume as a sample: http://www.pacificabeauty.com/perfume/spray-perfumes
    I don’t think the price is bad at all and the EWG rates the roll-on and spray as a 4 (the Think Dirty app puts it as a 3) and the solid perfume on EWG as a 3. I’ll have to look into Tsi La perfume as well 🙂

  2. Hi Alex! I’ve been having problems with gnats this summer too. They got into my kombucha brew and SCOBY and I had to throw it out :/ Something that was suggested to me that seemed to work quite well is to put some kombucha (or juice or ACV) in a shallow dish and then put a few drops of dish soap in it. I did that and then swirled it a bit to mix it up. The sweet liquid attracts the gnats, but then the dish soap breaks up the surface tension of the liquid so that the gnats drown when they land to drink. Good luck!

  3. Hi Alex. Those gnats/fruit flies are super pesky. About a year ago I had them for a few weeks! Prior to that in my entire life I’d only ever had them for a couple of days. They just wouldn’t go away until I eliminated my fruit bowl for a few weeks. The tricks of ACV in jars, immediately taking fruit garbage (peels pits etc.) outside or sealing in plastic, and putting some bleach down the kitchen drain because someone said they otherwise can live in there just didn’t work. If you’re feeling particularly “haunted” by them, I would definitely try keeping the fruit exclusively the fridge for a few weeks. BTW, I’m always careful not to make sure there aren’t any visible fruit flies in the area when I buy my fruit. Good luck – I can totally appreciate what you’re going through!

  4. Hey Alex!

    For gnats, I make a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. The majority of the mixture is ACV, and the water is just to top it off, if need be. I like the solution to fill the majority of the container. A glass jar would work fine, as well.

    I use a really small glass bowl and tightly cover it with seran wrap. I punch holes big enough for the gnats to get in (I use one side of a pair of scissors and puncture the wrap like that..that seems to be the perfect size). I catch SO many gnats like this. It’s pretty disgusting. My bug man was amazed by it! Every couple of days I have to empty it and put clean ACV. I keep some on my kitchen counter and in my pantry…works like a charm. 😊

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