diy fast-absorbing lotion (no coconut oil)

EDITED (2018): i have an updated super lightweight lotion recipe HERE that requires no heat to process. enjoy!

as i hinted in my SBO post, here’s my favorite DIY lotion! it’s been quite the journey of trial and error with countless recipes.

for me personally, i wanted a lotion that was alcohol-free, fast-absorbing, and most of all – easy and cheap to make in large quantities.

hopefully you guys love this particular recipe. and please leave your favorites in the comments!


note this recipe is unscented, but i later re-blended with lavender EO. it didn’t alter the end mixture, so add in 8 to 10 drops of your favorite EOs for added aromatherapy and healing benefits.

YIELDS: 16 ounces of lotion

TIME: 40 minutes (10-15 minutes prep, 15-20 minute wait, 5 minutes mixing & packing)


  • 1 cup aloe vera gel
  • 1 cup of your favorite carrier oils
  • 1 tablespoon of your favorite nourishing oils
  • 3 tablespoons beeswax
  • 1 tablespoon raw shea butter
  • 1 1/4 tablespoons black currant extract powder preservative, because there is an aqueous ingredient. i like this one.

this recipe also doubles as a great hair moisturizer, of course considering the oils you use. for this batch i used 3/4 cup hemp seed oil & 1/4 kukui nut oil for my carrier oils and sea buckthorn oil (SBO benefits) for my nourishing oil so i could also use this lotion in my hair.


  • medium saucepan
  • large glass bowl
  • hand mixer
  • measuring cups
  • spatula
  • spoon or fork


  1. in a double boiler (i used my glass bowl over the medium saucepan of hot water), melt your beeswax and raw shea butter. once almost completely melted, remove from heat.


2. mix in your aloe, carrier oils, and SBO immediately. this can be done with a spoon or fork.


3. place mixture immediately into the freezer and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. you don’t want to freeze it so check on it at 15. mine took 20 and this is what it looked like when i poked it –

4. once removed from the freezer, whip your mixture with a hand blender for about 2 minutes, until it’s a blended, smooth, lotion-consistency.


5. sprinkle in your black currant powder and blend.

that’s it! now you just need to store it in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight. keep at room temperature and use within 3 months.

if it begins to separate, just re-blend.


where to purchase bulk ingredients:
(links provided not affiliate links)

  • Lily of the Desert aloe vera – local health food store; the vitamin shoppe; iherb; vitacost; amazon; all sources retail for about $4 for 16 ounces
  • carrier oils and nourishing oils – local health store; mountain rose herbs
  • beeswax – mountain rose herbs – 1 pound/$17
  • raw shea butter – amazon – 1 pound/$14 (don’t buy pre-packaged shea butter. it won’t be raw and the mark-up is unreal)
  • black currant extract powder (preservative) – here.


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15 thoughts on “diy fast-absorbing lotion (no coconut oil)”

  1. so when you say 3 tablespoons beeswax you mean the little beeswax pellets? I have a few big chunks of beeswax lying around and I’m wondering how much solid beeswax that would come out to. any advice? thanks!

  2. HI Alex,
    I am big fan of your blog. I am planning to make this DIY lotion. Can you share brand you used for beeswax please?

  3. Hey Alex! Love your blog and have been following it for a long time. I made this tonigh exactly as you did, but I used a whole cup of hemp seed oil instead. My kukui oil hasn’t been delivered and I’m just impatient. I love it! My hands and legs feel so soft!!! The only thing. When I added the melted shae and beeswax it kind of solidified and my mixture was chunky. I mixed it and stuck in in the freezer, then whipped it up. It has little hard chunks. Beeswax, I’m guessing. It was thoroughly melted (I used your double boiler method) and my hemp, aloe, and SBO were at room temperature. Any thoughts? Have you noticed little chunkier? How did you get yours to mix before freezing without the shae and beeswax cooling in the rest of the mixture? Thank you for your dedication to this blog and its followers!

    1. Hey there, same thing happened to me. I ended up reheating the whole mixture in the double boiler and then blending, put in the fridge and then blended again. Came out perfect.

  4. Looks amazing. Like something you’d like to eat haha. Do you have any good alternatives for the oils you used (both carrier and nourishing)? Thank you for experimenting! Hugs from Denmark

  5. I love your blog!

    This lotion looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it! Thank you for another great DIY recipe!!!

    Two questions: 1) Does using the SBO stain your skin? 2) Can you please explain the difference between a carrier oil and a nourishing oil and give examples of some nourishing oils you would recommend using?


    1. Most “nourishing oils” are also carrier oils, but they are the more expensive ones such as SBO, argan oil, tamanu oil and the other ones that come in little bottles (if you buy from Aura Cacia they’d be in those little pump bottles not too much bigger than essential oil bottles). Regular carrier oils are the less expensive ones like extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and many more.

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