2015 green beauty in review

in the spirit of the approaching 2016 year, i thought it’d be fun for us to swap our favorites for 2015!

please share whatever you’ve enjoyed from this last year so the rest of our community can learn more 🙂


this year has been a really great one! i’ve experimented with and shared so many recipes, learned so much from you, and even began the journey to start my own all-natural beauty line. (btw – i’m so super excited to go out for sale!)

here’s a list of my “DIY vs BUY” favorites that are definitely going to follow me into the next year –

DIY favorites:




purchased favorites:



THANK YOU for your continued support. thank you for being a part of the green beauty, “crunchy” community. thank you for always supporting each other and sharing your stories and knowledge.

i couldn’t ask for better supporters.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, crunchies! all my love to you! 

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just a reminder – none of the links in the “purchased” category contain affiliates. click freely on anything i publish here on AE ❤


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7 thoughts on “2015 green beauty in review”

    1. hey karina! great question! it’s all still in the works ❤ i'm formulating and branding everything myself. it's tons of fun but tons of work! i don't have a launch date or specific products yet, but i will be sure to announce it here on AE.

  1. Hi Alex and best New Year wishes from France!
    I’ve recently moved to no-poo being inspired by your blog (not brave enough for water only though..).
    But now I saw a shampoo on your list of goodies, so I’m a bit confused 🙂
    What made you move back to shampoo? If after all those years you start using shampoos again, I’m wondering if I should actually quit…

    1. happy new year, katya! i subscribed to a monthly all-natural beauty box & one month came with it. i read tons of reviews before trying it and decided “why not?” haha. i’ve been using it diluted about every week and a half to 2 weeks. i might go back to water-only when the bottle runs out. it was just something new to try and learn about 🙂 great question! if you wanna go no-poo, i still support it!

      1. Oh, I see! Thanks for your answer!
        Yep, I’m in a full transition for the moment, but it seems to be working our well. Some of my friends are getting interested, so I send them all to your blog 🙂
        All the best and thanks for the great ‘crunchiness’ you’re sharing.

  2. Happy New Year Alex! 🙂 My favorite things this year were my Zuzu Luze eyeliner in “Obsidian,” my 100% Pure Rose Hydrosol, mascara, and lipstick in “Narcissus.” Also, John Masters Organics shampoo and conditioner! 🙂

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