think pink with this gently exfoliating face mask

a little while back, i shared a picture of my pink face mask with you on IG and you guys said you wanted the recipe. hopefully you love it as much as i do!

this face mask is gently exfoliating yet non-drying, and completely edible, although i wouldn’t suggest tasting it.

it’ll be great at sloughing off dead skin, combating excess oil, getting the grime out of your pores, and soothing your skin. this mask is best suited for those skin types that are not dry, and it’s also good for blemish-prone skin. if you have dry skin, refer to the 2nd recipe.


this recipe makes enough for 2 masks, so be sure to share with a loved one! i wouldn’t suggest storing it as the clay will dry out and the aloe needs to be refrigerated.


rose kaolin clay – this type of clay is considered to be non-drying and gently exfoliating. it also helps to draw impurities from the skin. not to mention, it’s a beautiful dusty rose color!

white kaolin clay – perfect for sensitive skin, this gentle clay cleans pores and helps with oily skin.

pure aloe vera gel – aloe is a great base for most face masks, serving to hydrate, calm, repair, treat blemishes, and fight fine lines.

organic powdered hibiscus – dubbed the “natural botox plant,” using powdered hibiscus in your face masks can help gently exfoliate, improve elasticity, and even skin tone.


how to:

most skin types:

mix 1/2 teaspoon rose kaolin clay, 1/2 teaspoon white kaolin clay, 1 teaspoon pure aloe, and a small sprinkle (small) of the powdered hibiscus into a small bowl. dampen your clean face with your favorite hydrosol (you know i love Inflora Botanica’s rosewater) and apply a generous layer of this recipe all over your face. take an extra 30ish seconds as you’re applying the mask to swirl the clay mix around and gently exfoliate your skin.

let the mask sit for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with cool water. you may need a dampened washcloth to help get it off.

please keep in mind that if you have a lighter complexion, the hibiscus might appear to have stained your skin. don’t sweat it – it’s nothing a couple wipes with washcloth won’t take care of.

dry skin types:

add a 3 to 5 drops of your favorite face oil (can be a carrier oil, nourishing oil, or a blend) and mix into the mask recipe.

since it’s been cold and dry out, i used Vintner’s Daughter (not an affiliate link)., which came in one of my Beauty Hero boxes. i also love hemp seed oil and rosehip oil, both of which absorb quickly and make my face feel velvety.

please be sure to share your versions of this mask and what you thought of it!

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2 thoughts on “think pink with this gently exfoliating face mask”

  1. Hi Alex,
    What’s a good skin care routine? I’ve seen that the OCM is something you do every couple days, and that you should only exfoliate every week or week and a half. Is there something that you do every day? For example, a moisturizer you put on in the morning and a light rinse formula at night? I don’t know how much is too much.

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