my skincare routine – updated

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it’s been quite some time since we touched on beauty routines. this time around, i thought we could swap skincare routines!

last time i blogged about my normal day-to-day routine, it was about 3 years ago. time has flown by!

to put this all into context, when i started my all-natural journey some years back, my body wasn’t in the best state. i had a face full of pimples, even with proactiv, a terrible diet, fragile nails, and over-processed, overly oily hair with extremely dry ends. it needed an overhaul and i was tired of it all.

i dropped all “toxic” products cold-turkey, overhauled my diet, and didn’t look back. it’s been quite the journey! i’m so very grateful to have you guys in this community with me.

generally speaking, my attitude towards skincare favors simplicity and nourishment. i prefer to let my body and skin to take care of themselves with very little external “help” from me.

i’m a huge advocate of “beauty starts on the inside” and “less is more.”


as you probably know, i stopped using soap a few years back, including on my face. now the only thing i ever use to really “wash” my face is my norwex cloth with warm water. easy peasy and effective!

although i still 100% support the oil cleansing method, i’ve strayed from it mostly because i’ve been too lazy.


moisturizing my face is usually on an as-needed basis. however, there is one thing i use every single day when i wake up, and that’s rose water. i truly believe this has been my secret weapon. my rose water is from inflora botanica (not an affiliate), a wonderful company that sources and processes their products beautifully.

when i need to moisturize, i use either aloe or an oil. my face seems to like hemp seed oil more than anything, so that’s been my go-to.

i also use rosehip oil under/around my eyes every 2 to 3 days to help with fine lines and keep the area hydrated. the one i have is from inflora botanica (i told you they’re great!) and it’s the best quality i’ve ever used.


my go-to weekly mask lately (besides the creations i mix up to test for you beauties) has been an lovely emerald goop – local raw honey, hawaiian spirulina, MSM powder, hemp seed oil, sea buckthorn berry oil, and activated charcoal. it exfoliates and gives me a dewy glow.



sulfur has been my best friend for my random blemishes. this compound is in powdered form and is oil soluble. i mix it at a 1:10 ratio with hempseed oil, and then add a little tea tree oil. it works like a charm overnight, helping to reduce the size and appearance of breakouts. i bought this one (not an affiliate).

i have a DIY roll-on blemish-fighting oil that will knock your socks off, if you want the recipe. lemme know!

makeup removal:

usually i’m just wearing eye makeup (concealer, shadow, liner, mascara) and i take it off with a mix of rosehip oil and coconut oil (half and half). i rub it all over my eye area, keeping them closed, and wipe it all off with a black washcloth or little organic cotton rounds. it gets rid of every lick of makeup, hydrates my eye area, and helps my eyelashes grow longer. if you’re not DIY-ing your eye makeup remover, now would be a great time to try!

eye cream:

DIY-ing is near and dear to my heart, but there’s one skincare product i will continue to repurchase. the caffeine bean eye cream from 100% pure (not an affiliate) is magical. it’s superb for puffiness (even from allergies) and circles. besides being super effective, a tiny little bit goes a long way. be prepared to have this tube of cream for a long while.


as we know, beauty starts from the inside out. i make sure to get plenty of water every day and i eat plenty of veggies. i also make sure to get the good fats into my diet – avocados, kefir, butter, etc. you’ll notice i’m not vegetarian nor vegan, although i respect those that are!

do i indulge? sure! i don’t feel bad about that in the slightest. i’m going to eat that cheese dip. and yes, i’d love some wine. i don’t gorge and i don’t deprive myself. and i cook every day. here are some things i’ve been eating lately:

these were all homemade (except the juice in the upper left). and that waffle up there was all kinds of gluten/dairy/refined sugar-free deliciousness. let me know if you want to enjoy it. just so you know – you do.


for all-over hydration, i make my own lotion (recipe here), which has proven to be simple, cheap, and effective.

to wash and exfoliate my body, i use norwex cloths. no soap for me! and just to throw this in since i’m asked quite a bit, i wash my body on average every other day… and sometimes not at all on the weekends. too honest?


i think that covers it! let me know if you have any questions.

as always, please SHARE your routines and help advise others. we’re all here to learn and help each other.

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20 thoughts on “my skincare routine – updated

  1. Suuper work! Keep it up! I am in the midst of changing my routine as well! I am interested in the roll on oil blemish recipe. Please share!

  2. Thanks for all the tips! Currently working from the inside out to clear my skin. I tried the OCM and did not have success…tiny blackhead/milia everywhere. Maybe after I get the internal balanced. Im excited to try the coffee bean eye cream. Also, I’d love the waffle recipe:)

  3. Hi I can’t wait to try your blemish fighting mask with sulfur! Can you please put up your recipe for the blemish fighting roll on stick? I have like really bad white spots or milia on my forehead and like acne on my cheeks mostly but whatever I try to do never seems to work and is very drying for my skin!

    1. Just a suggestion ! To get rid of bumps or milia, I used a very fine layer of castor oil on the areas at night before bed. It will get rid of it within a month at least! I’m not sure why it works at a biochemical level.

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