dragon’s blood – properties and uses

yes, this ingredient does exist, and yes, it’s great. dragon’s blood is deep red in color and taken directly from dragons older than 2 years via non-lethal blood draws.


kidding. dragon’s blood is just a fun name for croton lechleri sap. it comes from a tree native to peru, ecuador, and brazil. it gets its name from literally looking like blood. it’s also commonly known as “sangre de grado” and “sangre de drago.” this is what it looks like when the trunk is cut diagonally to collect the resin –

photo from zoe helene

this beautiful resin has been widely used for healing, touting antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. dragon’s blood is also rich in antioxidant phenols and other anti-inflammatory properties.

when rubbed onto cuts, bites, sores, rashes, scrapes, scars, etc. (straight/undiluted), it acts as a second skin, aiding to to heal wounds at super speeds, reduce redness, and reduce swelling. as you rub it onto skin, the deep red becomes a light tan, then dries to an almost transparent matte finish. it happens so quickly – it’s hard to photograph, but i tried!


if you don’t mix it with anything, it really does feel like a tighter second skin.

just in case you didn’t already think dragon’s blood was a super-substance, you should also know that it contains compounds, proanthocyanidins, that repairs collagen, and taspine, that heals tissues.


for an effective anti-aging use, you can mix this resin with other nourishing and carrier oils. for an eye oil or wrinkle oil, try mixing up 1 part rosehip oil, 1 part dragon’s blood, and 1/8 part sea buckthorn oil. this would be best stored in a roller ball glass container.

you can also use dragon’s blood internally. for example, putting a few drops on your toothbrush every day can combat canker sores, soothe gum irritation, and can help heal spots where you’ve bitten yourself (guilty). when taken internally it can heal stomach ulcers, help with diarrhea, cure digestive ailments like chrohn’s, etc. because it’s also naturally antiviral, it can be used internally for respiratory issues, or externally for skin ailments like eczema.

the most exciting thing i’ve learned about the croton lechleri species of sap is that it has potential to be used to fight cancer. that’s great news for everyone and another mark of support on the natural cures board!

i purchased mine here (not an affiliate).

what do you think of this seemingly magical resin? 

what would you use it for?

no dragons were harmed in the making of this post.


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please see disclaimer on the “about” page. this post is not for any sort of medical use. it’s intended for discussion only. please consult your healthcare professional before using this ingredient.
research paper source




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