my vitamins and supplements

vitamins, supplements, diets, oh my!

with so many to choose from, for a variety of purposes and from a variety of sources, which ones do we take, if any?

health is highly individualized. what works for one person won’t necessarily be the best option for someone else. we’re all different, and that’s awesome!

i do believe that whole food nutrition is the best “supplement” you give your body. this, along with adequate water intake, getting enough sleep, and adequate sunshine are all pieces to my puzzle. here are the things i focus on for my body:

the best supplement: a healthy diet

(a yummy smoothie i made)

i personally believe that a plant-based diet is the best option for a human. my animal product intake is a very small and permanent part of my diet, based on research i’ve seen that i deemed sound. i have posted on this subject before and it brought up some good discussion points from all viewpoints. while i am not vegetarian nor vegan, i support those that are!

eating multi-colored vegetables every day is just as important to me as drinking kefir. i’ve found that keeping kefir, yogurt, butter, and raw honey in my diet has worked really well for me personally. for me, variety is key – i like to ensure i’m getting the most vitamins and minerals i can from whole foods, instead of supplements.

daily supplements:


there are supplements i take daily, because i recognize that not every diet is perfect. here are the ones i’ve found that work best for my body –

probiotic – every morning on an empty stomach and with a big glass of room temperature water, i take my probiotic. there are a lot of brands out there with great reviews, but i have found that Fem Dophilus has worked best for me (not an affiliate). it’s tailored to women and has to be kept refrigerated. there are many reviews out there that this probiotic was used for other female ailments (ex: uti’s), but i’ll let you research them and talk to your doctor. i used to have to pay for overnight shipping in an ice packed styrofoam box, but since i’ve moved close to a Sprouts, i just purchase it there.

magnesium – magnesium is absolutely essential for your body. period. most adults don’t ingest enough daily (myself included) so i make sure to supplement. i’m currently using the mega-mag drops (not an affiliate). i love the drops because they’re so versatile – you can add them to your water or smoothies, or you can add them to your lotion. easy!

zinc – this supplement has worked wonders for keeping my skin clear, my immune system strong, and my energy levels even. there are different types of zinc, so please talk to your healthcare professional about which would best suit you. while zinc orotate has been touted the best, i’m currently taking zinc pincolinate. from the research i’ve done, pincolinic acid is the best chelator for zinc, copper, iron, etc., helping to absorb the zinc. i take one capsule every day after lunch. if i take it on an empty stomach, i get nauseous.

olive leaf extract – i take one of these capsules daily, after breakfast, to boost immunity and get a nice dose of antioxidants. there are liquid and powdered capsule versions, so please do your research on which you prefer. i personally like the gaia brand’s quality.

spirulina – i take this powder daily for trace minerals, energy, immunity, and cardiovascular, eye, and brain health. i add 1/2 tablespoon of this hawaiian spirulina (not an affiliate) to my morning green smoothies. after you open it, please remember to keep it in the fridge. i also use this algae in my favorite face masks. i’ve posted about it before here.

other supplements i take:

while these aren’t daily for me, i do take them a few times a week or as needed for general well-being. i’ve found these are the ones that make my body feel better overall.

turmeric – this root is widely known for its health benefits, so i won’t bog you down with details. i personally take turmeric for chronic inflammation and pain stemming from my TMJ, and overall well-being. i love adding it to face masks for its antioxidant and exfoliant properties. i’ve posted on my favorite turmeric 7-in-1 face mask here. it’s quite a powerful spice and i highly encourage you to check it out!

pau d’arco – i personally have this in my cabinet because it’s a powerful anti-fungal, antiviral, antioxidant, and general immune-boosting supplement. you can purchase it as a tea or in capsule form, but since i’m already drinking lots of teas throughout the day, i prefer just taking the capsules.

ashwagandha – this supplement helps with my stress levels and overall immunity and energy. i have this brand (not an affiliate) and love it. they have wonderful teas, also!

bentonite clay – although not a supplement, i do drink bentonite clay that has been hydrated for a monthly heavy metal detox. i use redmond’s clay (also use their earthpaste – bentonite clay toothpaste – and love it!). and yes, it tastes like you’d expect – dirt water.



i rely on a variety of teas to keep me in tip-top shape. if you were to ever visit me, i’d show off my tea cabinet (yes, an entire cabinet) with pride! i have everything from detox teas to herbal teas to plain ol “this tastes good” teas. most of the loose leaf teas i have can be used for more than just drinking. for example, i add my peppermint leaves to foot soaks and hair rinses, and my rose petal black tea is a great hair rinse.

tea is life. right?

that’s about it for me!

i know there are so many great supplements out there helping a lot of people with a variety of things, so please leave yours below! 

also – i hope you had a great valentine’s day, filled with joy and love!

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disclaimer: please note that this post is intended for discussion only. i’m not a doctor, dietitian, or any other type of medical professional. do not make medical decisions for yourself or others based on the content provided here. this post reflects a personal viewpoint. please discuss supplements, diet changes, etc. with your healthcare professional. i will not be held accountable for any decisions made based on the content provided by me or other readers. it’s your health.

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