gentle fruit face peel

face peels seem kind of scary, don’t they? or is that just me?

i always pictured face peels as treatments that leave behind a raw, red face. this mask is definitely not that!

this diy all-natural fruit face peel is super gentle yet super effective. and best part of all – it’s completely edible! you can eat the extra as-is or throw it into a smoothie (as long as you haven’t put your hands in it, of course).


why would you use a face peel? they’re used to slough off the top dead layer of skin cells and promote cell turnover. this reveals fresh skin and can help shrink pores. face peels are especially helpful to those wanting to combat uneven skin tone, help combat fine lines, and help heal breakouts.

what’s in this diy face peel?


  • unripe papaya
  • cinnamon
  • local raw honey

how to:

please test on a small area before applying all over your face!

one day i’ll post acceptable photos of myself, but today is not that day.

  • blend 2 heaping tablespoons of unripe papaya, 1/2 tablespoon of local raw honey, and 1/4 tablespoon of organic cinnamon.
  • on a clean face, gently rub this runny mix all over, in small circular motions. you might feel a slight tingle, which is normal. if it tingles more than a little or feels uncomfortable at all, please rinse with cool water immediately.
  • let the mask sit and eat away at the dead skin for up to 20 minutes.
  • rinse well with cool water. if your skin looks pink at all, it’s due to increased blood flow and will return to normal within 20-30 minutes.

be sure to follow up your peel with a nourishing serum. with the increased blood flow and newly exposed skin, you have the perfect opportunity to really set yourself up for some serious glow! i like Vintner’s Daughter (not an affiliate) or a mix of rosehip and hemp seed oils. pure aloe is also really great!

only use this mask once every couple weeks. you should see visible results after a few uses, but your glow will be there immediately.

AND – since we don’t want to waste the extra papaya, you can use the rest as a hair mask. it’ll add some shine, softness, and moisture, as well as give you a little grease-fighting action. papaya is quite the super fruit! thanks, annie, for asking about this!

get glowin!

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6 thoughts on “gentle fruit face peel”

    1. hi bri! great question. you can use your favorite hydrosol and clay to make a base that won’t completely slide off your face. i’m a huge fan of rose kaolin clay and rose water. hope this helps!

  1. What do you do with the leftover unripe papaya? I can’t wait to try this fabulous mask/peel but I don’t want to just toss out expensive papaya (it costs a lot here). Thanks!!! =)

    1. yesss – papaya is a pricey fruit right now! i eat it right out of the skin with a spoon 🙂 if you don’t like the taste, maybe you can put it in a smoothie. you can also use it blended as a hair mask for shine, softness, and a little grease-fighting action. it’s quite the fruit!

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