i’m not perfect.

happy friday, crunchies!

here on AE, i feel like i talk a lot about what i do to take care of my body as far as beauty products, ingredients, and diet goes.

but i’m not perfect and that should never be the image i portray.

so let’s get real.


my skin is far from flawless.

it’s a lot better than it was before i began my green beauty journey. my face used to be covered in acne and it was super oily.

but since i started eating better and doing less to my skin (no soap; mostly water-only with the occasional use of the OCM), it’s been a lot better. i still breakout sometimes and i still have scarring. yes, it’s frustrating, and yes, it does affect my self-esteem.

and on that note….

my hair is not flawless.

i still struggle with flakes in cold weather. i still have dry ends on the layers on the back of my head (seriously, what is with that?) that won’t stop being dry no matter how much aloe, oils, and balms i use.

sometimes when i cut my hair (i haven’t been to a salon regularly in years) i chop a little weirdness here and there and i’m stuck with it.

but it’s hair. and it grows.

i don’t eat a plant-based diet or a healthy diet 100% of the time.

about this time last year during my annual physical, the doctor seeing me inquired about my diet. i happily chatted about my plant-based, grass-fed meat, and little to no refined sugar diet. she looked concerned as she told me she “sees ladies like [me] come in that restrict their diets so much” and informed me that i was on the spectrum of a sub-clinical eating disorder.

all because i go out of my way, and pay more, i might add, for better quality food and an overall better diet.

listen, honey. listen.

i’m friends with pizza. she just gets me, you know? and you can sleep soundly knowing that i did not let those homemade scones a coworker brought in go to waste.

eating healthy is very important to me. but so is balance and treating myself.

the pictures you see here and on instagram took me 49 tries to get.

i’m not gonna pretend like the picture i took right before the one that gets published wasn’t an accidental double chin shot. so i’ll just leave this here –


i’m never ready for MY OWN photos. the struggle is real.


all in all, i really hope this burst your bubble on me if you had one.

i’m weird and i like it.

THANK YOU for allowing me and others to be ourselves and swap stories/advice/etc. i want this blog to be for YOU… no matter how many double chin shots you have in your camera roll.

anyone with me??

love you guys!

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8 thoughts on “i’m not perfect.”

  1. You are amazing, and your blog is SO HELPFUL. I wouldnt be able to transition to natural health and beauty without it, and your time and effort. Thank you so much for you transparency, and just know that no one is perfect, but you are truly lovely.

  2. Thank you, Alexraye, for keeping it real! In a world of hyper-edited photos and momentary snapshots it’s easy to forget to we all have double chins and greasy hair, no matter what the media may be trying to sell us!

  3. Love your post! You have inspired me to simplify my beauty routine. Thank you for sharing your perspective. 🍷💚💛🌼

  4. Thanks for this post! It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been incredibly down about some of my imperfections lately and wonder how other people seem so flawless. But you pointed out something we should all remember. Nobody is perfect. Thanks again!!! ❤

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