“green” makeup review – face products

this post is the first in a series of makeup posts. they will cover 3 groups of makeup products i’ve purchased and tried – face, eyes, & lips.

welcome to the FACE installment of my green makeup reviews! some of these products are my favorites and some i won’t be repurchasing.

note – all products shown were purchased by yours truly. this post/blog doesn’t contain any affiliate links. 

please share your thoughts on these products, as well as your favorites and/or products you wouldn’t repurchase. i’m by no means a makeup guru. my routine and knowledge is super basic, so i’m all ears on suggestions!


inflora botanica – rosewater

  • you guys already know this product is something i will never be without. my skin feels so much better and looks so much better with it, and it also helps to set my makeup. win! best of all – this is a true hydrosol, containing only copper distilled rosewater.
  • see it here – $19.50/4 ounces

root pretty – mineral foundation

  • yes. just yes. this powder is what has turned me back to mineral powders. it blends beautifully and doesn’t make my skin look dry or cakey. when mixed with a face serum, it turns into a full coverage foundation/spot concealer, which i’ve been using for my under-eye circles. i love it! the only qualm i have is it’s a “pearl” foundation, and i could do without the shimmer all over my face. i have ‘1’ and ‘6’, and i blend them together. ‘6’ is described as a warm foundation (i’m cool-toned), but it makes the perfect match for me when blended with ‘1.’
  • see it here

root pretty – pretty booster

  • this product is described as a primer and color corrector in one. let’s get one thing straight – i love root pretty. that being said, this product caught dry patches and bumps i didn’t know i had, and looked very chalky on my skin, leaving it pretty dry. i can’t imagine ever using it under makeup or alone. and – i’ll confess i bought the sample size without somehow checking the ingredients first. how did i do that? it’s preserved with tetrasodium edta and phenoxyethanol. all in all, i won’t be repurchasing this particular product.

root pretty – mineral bronzer

  • again, just yes. it gives my face a lovely sheen with beautifully blended color. i’m terrible with makeup, but this blends so nicely with the perfect amount of shimmer that it looks like i know what i’m doing. it’s not at all glittery, which is huge for me. this is definitely a staple of mine now. i have ‘light’ and ‘sunkissed.’
  • see it here

au naturale – cream foundation

  • this cream foundation is on the thicker side and provides medium to full coverage. even when used under my eyes as concealer, it barely creases. you’ll want to blend it with a beauty blender for the best finish and coverage, and then set it with your favorite powder for some serious staying power. i have found that ‘sand’ fits my skin tone the best. ‘porcelain’ was too light and ‘biscay’ was a tad too dark. of course with season changes those shades might fit me better. i’ll be repurchasing.
  • see it here

au naturale – cream highlight stick

  • this highlighter feels great on my skin and is the most beautiful bronze highlight color. i want to love it, i really do, but it comes off my face super easily. my hair can wipe it off. i’m sure it probably has something to do with my makeup skills, so please take this review with a grain of salt. that being said, it is on the pricey side at $32 for a tube, so ask around to try someone else’s before purchasing. if you love cream highlighters, you need to try this one. if i can figure out how to get it to set, i’m all in.
  • see it here

organic wear – cc cream

  • when i was switching over to green beauty, this ‘foundation’ was the first one i gravitated to. my skin loves this formula. it’s creamy and the dewy finish is beautiful. my face never felt dry when using it, and it never caught dry patches or bumps. it’s light to medium coverage. it’s not the cleanest, so please check ingredients before purchasing it for yourself. i haven’t found a green foundation that matches this formula YET. i definitely love some foundations, but this one was perfect for my skin.
  • see it here

cowgirl dirt – mineral powder foundation

  • cowgirl dirt was one of the first green beauty companies i found some years ago when i was transitioning. this powder foundation is hands-down the best mineral foundation i’ve ever used. it’s matte and has some serious staying power, not to mention it never looks cakey and blends nicely. i’ve been using it as an under-eye setting powder and it keeps creases at bay. it’s a staple powder for me. i’m in color ‘cremello 1’ but need to get ‘cremello 2’ soon for the summer. if you’re in the market for a powder foundation, check this one out!
  • see it here

100% pure – all over glow

  • we all know how great 100% pure is as a green beauty company. when this product came out, i was completely starry-eyed and just had to purchase it, especially with warmer weather ahead. who doesn’t love looking radiant all over? i looked past the price tag (way overpriced at $36 for 1.35 oz) and purchased it in ‘lightly sunkissed.’ it has a ton of glowing (haha) reviews, so i was very excited to test it out. it’s so beautiful! verdict – i was so underwhelmed. this product settled into lines, and caught patches and bumps, as well as looked very coppery on me. maybe my skin tone is a little too pale, even with the light shade. it also rubbed off faster than the au naturale cream highlighter. i won’t be repurchasing this. i don’t even know how i can use the bottle i have now. i love 100% pure, but i was pretty disappointed in this product. how can i get it to stay? help!
  • see it here

100% pure – lip & cheek tint

  • these cream lip & cheek tints come in quite a few shades. i have ‘pink grapefruit’ and ‘cranberry.’ i really like these and prefer them to powder blushes, however, these are severely overpriced. the containers are chapstick sized, but wider, and retail for $25. i bought them on sale, luckily. that being said, they are beautiful, very moisturizing, and nicely pigmented, without feeling heavy. i’d only repurchase if they were on sale, despite how lovely they are.
  • see it here

100% pure – liquid foundations

  • see my review on 3 different foundations here.


top left (barely there) – root pretty light bronzer; top right – root pretty sunkissed bronzer; middle – au naturale cream highlighter stick (heavy swatch on left and blended to right); bottom – 100% pure all over glow in lightly sunkissed (blended on left and heavy swatch on right)


what are your green beauty face product staples? any you’d steer clear of? share the makeup knowledge!

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2 thoughts on ““green” makeup review – face products

  1. I love Cowgirl Dirt! I use their Southern Belle cream foundation, and it’s beautiful! It’s a little heavy for everyday use, though, and I’m searching high and low for something a bit lighter. I might give the 100% pure tinted moisturizer a go!

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