hair detangler- all hair types and routines

with warmer weather comes rolled down windows, more time outside, and more up-do’s…. and – more tangles.

these detangling hair recipes are easy & effective – just how i like ’em!


conditioner & water

out of all the recipes i’ll share with you today, this one is probably the easiest and most known. if you’re already using an all-natural conditioner, this would be a quick one for you. please note that if you have fine hair, this may weigh it down. play around with the ratios, starting with the least amount of conditioner.

  • in a small spray bottle (4 oz and under) mix 2 parts water with 1 part natural conditioner. replace cap, shake well, and use.
  • if you have 100% Pure’s body lotion on hand, it works really well also in place of conditioner. actually, any lotion that is strictly a blend of oils and butters will work wonderfully.
  • storage – since this diy contains water, store in the fridge no longer than a week or at room temperature no longer than a few days. if it smells off at any point, throw it out.

apple cider vinegar

acv to the rescue again! this is another simple recipe, but essential oils may be needed to counteract the smell. if so, add the EOs to the acv and let it sit for a few minutes; then shake and use. the reason acv is a great detangler is it changes the pH of your hair, making the hair shaft “shingles” lay flat. i swear they look like shingles – look here. but back to the recipe!

  • in a small spray bottle, mix 3 parts water and 1 part acv. replace cap, shake well, and use.
  • please note that acv can change your hair color over time, adding a red hue. this is normally true if you have previously dyed hair or if you have natural red tones in your strands.
  • storage – store at room temperature no longer than a week, since it contains water. if it starts to turn before that, throw it out.

aloe vera

as far as hair is concerned, aloe is great for moisture and shine. add it to the acv detangling mix for a little extra somethin’-

  • in a small spray bottle, mix 3 parts water, 1 part aloe vera, and 1 part acv. replace cap, shake well, and use.
  • storage – store in the fridge no longer than a week, due to the aloe, and not at room temperature.  if it starts to turn before that, throw it out.

marshmallow root

we know that silicones and waxes commonly found in detanglers are really just coating your hair strands, robbing them of moisture and health over time. marshmallow root can imitate that “slip” without the damage. this is due to mucilage found in the herb, making it slippery. (note that when making anything with this root, the less heat you use, the better.)

this recipe (adapted from mommypotamus, who is awesome) is a little more labor intensive than the other recipes, but is more effective. this would be better suited for those with tiny humans, sensitive scalps, curly hair types. and/or super tangles.

  • ingredients
    • 1.5 cups water
    • 3 tablespoons marshmallow root
    • 1 tablespoon acv (optional – leave out with children)
    • 10-12 drops EOs (optional)
  • how to:
    • bring water to a boil, and add marshmallow root. turn heat off and let sit for 30 to 45 minutes.
    • let cool to room temperature, then strain really well.
    • add acv and/or EOs to your marshmallow root water if you want, and stir well.
    • put mix into a spray bottle and use. let this mix sit on your hair a few minutes before carefully combing tangles out.
  • storage – there aren’t any preservatives added to this, so please store in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. if it starts to turn before that, throw it out.

do you have any detangling secrets you can share with the community? leave yours below!

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