back at last

happy new year, crunchies! i hope you and yours are happy and healthy!

it’s been quite some time since i’ve posted on AE… not to mention, i left without a word.Β you deserve an explanation. right? right.


the last 8 months have been quite the period of growth, challenges, great losses, and great gains. i had a lot going on in my personal life, and although not what i wanted or ever intended for me & AE, it was a good timeout from social media.

from the bottom of my heart, i’m sorry for disappearing without saying anything. i hope you can get back on board with me, and be the amazing source of support and inspiration you always have been (not only for me and AE, but for each other).

i’ve had time to work through things in my personal life, and now i’m back to AE. i’m ready. i’m focused.

AE update:

i want to bring back this blog to its true form of DIY green beauty and tailored support for our community. this means i want to get back to the basics of empowering each of you to understand ingredients and their uses. this will not only give you the ability to mix up whatever you need, but also will give you as a consumer the power to read ingredient labels and know exactly what each is and what the purpose of each is. i also want this community to further empower each other by providing a space to share ideas, mixes, new ingredient discoveries, etc.
on the flip side, that would also mean no product reviews (like makeup, lotions, etc). do i use products? sure. do i support these green beauty companies? absolutely! but there are a ton of amazingly talented bloggers already reviewing wonderful products of every type.

what do you think? your input is very valuable!
see you later this week for a new DIY!

i’ve missed you so much.

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47 thoughts on “back at last

  1. Woohoo! Happy to hear you are healing and doing well. I’ve been so busy in the “Hair” section of the Index page that I didn’t realize you hadn’t posted in a while. (So, don’t be too hard on yourself!!) Your blog is an incredible resource for people learning how to opt out of product categories chock-full of chemicals and harmful ingredients. You’ve inspired a lot of positive changes in my life, and I’m really glad to have discovered your blog. Thank you for your energy, your helpful advice and the trove of recipes for DIY natural beauty solutions. You are awesome πŸ™‚

  2. Timeouts are important. But yay, welcome back!!! Your blog seems like one of the most reliable sources by far. I always pass on your page to friends when I talk about OCM or other green alternatives. Thank you!

  3. Hello! You’re back! I think it’s great that you took the time out to take care of yourself properly and your life situation – that’s as much a part of a wholesome healthy lifestyle as organic stuff πŸ˜‰

    The main thing is that you are doing what you want and what is best for you. I’m from Australia so a lot of your product reviews aren’t relevant to me as we don’t get many of the brands here (and shipping is $$$!). But regardless, your blog is great with or without them!

  4. Hooray!! You’re back!! I have missed your sweet spirit and your lovely writing. Your love for research-based conclusions and passion for natural beauty are so refreshing and encouraging to read! I agree with some of the other commenters…I really do enjoy reading your reviews of products! It’s helpful for me to fine-tune my own critical eye when considering products, and it’s really nice to hear about products that I otherwise would never know about. Not all of us are as aware of green commercial options as you =) Regardless of what you post on, I’m excited to read it! Much love and joy to you, friend!

    1. thank you so much love!! you are so kind! i wholeheartedly appreciate your support. what types of product reviews would you like to see? maybe that can help narrow it down for me πŸ™‚ thank you for the insight! so glad to be back & have wonderful people like you to come back to!

      1. Personally, I am really interested in natural hair products and facial care products. I’m HOOKED on Norwex, but I’d love product recommendations for body and face moisturizers (though I think I’ve found one…have you heard of Apple Rose beauty products? They’re all natural AND they support survivors of human trafficking!!). And I’ve tried going no-poo, but I think low-poo is better for me. I had been using Pura d’Or shampoo, but it dried my hair after a few months =( So, I’d love your reviews on hair care products!

  5. Yessss! You are one of THE ONLY crunchy bloggers I trust as far as accurate information and expertise go. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’re back and doing well! Sending good vibes your way and looking forward to future posts!

  6. Welcome back!! I too have missed your updates. I’m going thru the ROM transition right now (working on 3 months)….and I’ve read thru every blog you posted on the subject like 50 times haha….they help me keep on keeping on πŸ™‚

    1. thank you jenn!! oh man, ROM was by far the most difficult transition i ever did! you got this girl! if you need anything, please reach out πŸ™‚ thank you for staying and supporting!

  7. I’m so happy you’re back and that you’re doing well. I think of you time to time (in a non weird way…lol)wondering if everything is ok and hoping you’re doing well. Can’t wait to see your next post. I enjoy learning from you! You are very straightforward and passionate with your blog andthat makes me yearn for new posts.

    I must say, I do enjoy reading your blogs on product reviews . I work long hours and with 3 small children, it’s hard make time to always do DIYs. Maybe monthly or quarterly instead of weekly? Just a suggestion

    1. thank you so much!! your thoughts mean a lot to me! i’m doing much better now; thank you. and yes, that is a great suggestion! what types of products would you want to see? ❀

      1. I’m happy to hear that. Your blog has truly changed my life and my family’s. I’m more knowledgeable in the green world and cringe at the thought of using chemicals. I try my best to use green products when posible. Products that you use on the daily to simply your life, from makeup to cleaning. Anything to be honest.

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