warming cacao mask – all skin types

good morning, crunchies! let’s start this weekend off with a stellar face mask. it’s slightly warming to increase circulation, packed with antioxidants, and is anti-inflammatory. not to mention, with the increased circulation, your post-mask moisturizer will be more readily absorbed. double win, i’d say!


this recipe should make enough for one layer on your face.
tip: if you’d like to save time later, you can double/triple the recipe and store it in the fridge for a few weeks.

what you need:

  • 1 tsp cacao
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric
  • ‘droplet’ sized dash of cinnamon*
  • 15-25 drops of your favorite facial oil (enough to make it playdoh consistency)
  • optional – 1/4 tsp of activated charcoal or spirulina for added detox/nourishment

how to:

  • mix dry ingredients well
  • add your oil/s a drop at a time until the mask has a thick and moist consistency, like playdoh
  • lay a warm washcloth over your clean face to warm up any excess sebum. let sit for 30ish seconds
  • spray your face will your favorite hydrosol, if needed, to keep it moist for spreading the mask. you know i adore Inflora Botanica’s rose water!
  • apply mask in gentle, circular motions until evenly spread
  • let sit for up to 45 minutes
  • remove gently with warm washcloth
  • apply favorite facial oil to moisturize


your face may be slightly reddened due to the warming action of the mask. this is normal and will subside within the hour. however, if your skin becomes irritated while wearing the mask, please remove it immediately. *some skin is more sensitive to cinnamon than others. please do a small patch test first. you may need an even smaller amount or not include it.

do you have any favorite cacao mask combinations? please share!

have a great weekend. all my love.

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7 thoughts on “warming cacao mask – all skin types”

  1. I tried it yesterday and added my OCM oil mix. It was awesome! It’s never even crossed my mind to make a facial mask from cocoa – although I do know how benefical it is. Great idea!
    Thank you, Alex, so much! I’m so happy that you’re back and that you keep sharing love! ❤

    1. great idea for a post! would you like something more simple with “kitchen” ingredients, or would you like something a little more involved (maybe with different herbs and oils)? or both 🙂

  2. I am so glad you are back! I really like to do yogurt masks, but this sounds fun to try this weekend!
    Can you do an update on your hair-care? Your hair looks fabulous in the mask photo and I am at a bit of a loss with my current AlmostExactly-approved routine (maybe I am doing something wrong?). You and I seem to have similar hair types which is one of the reasons that I am so glad you have created this blog!

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