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happy tuesday, crunchies! i’m here tonight to share my favorite tooth whitening powder with you. and shocker (sarcasm) – it’s super simple to make, yet effective! i’ve already shared my loved of one ingredient for this purpose long ago, but this recipe has been updated with a buddy.

you’ll look like a pirate for a bit, but in the end you can show off your pearly whites. sounds worth it, right?


this recipe uses only TWO ingredients, and will store on the shelf for up to a year (but you’ll use it up before then).

the ingredients work by removing stains from tannins (commonly from coffee, tea wine, etc.) over time.

what you need:

  • 2 tbsp activated charcoal
  • 1 tbsp turmeric

mix and store in a small container in your bathroom.

to use, cover the top of your wet toothbrush with the powder, brush gently just long enough to coat your teeth (should take less than 30-45 seconds), and let sit for 10-15 mins. you may need to use your tongue to keep slathering the mix over your teeth. you can do this 3x a week for initial whitening, then every week for maintenance. you might need to re-wet your toothbrush because this stuff will zap the spit right out of your mouth.

BONUS tip – if you choose to have some adult beverages, take a capsule or two of activated charcoal before you go to sleep that night. hangover = avoided. you’re welcome.

this is intended to be used minimally and to not replace flossing and brushing. if you have sensitive teeth, please use caution. and as always, consult your healthcare professional (aka dentist in this example) before use. white teeth does not equal a healthy mouth!

please be sure to share your results and tips below with the rest of our community.

note – this powder is very… powdery and puffy. it often clouds up when i use it, so just be cautious.

note II – the turmeric will stain your toothbrush and countertop yellow, but not your teeth.

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4 thoughts on “tooth whitening powder+”

  1. Hi Alex. Nice to see you back! Do you know the diference between black activated charcoal and the white version? Can I use the white one?

    1. hey madeleine! i could be wrong, but the only “white” charcoal i’m familiar with is for industrial use and is hard like metal…not something you’d want on your teeth, but i don’t even think it comes as a powder 🙂

      1. thanks lady! i’m still unsure as to where you’re see the powder is “white” and not black. i feel like i’m missing something! haha

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