nighttime routine

lately i’ve been taking my nighttime routine pretty seriously. it’s noticeably helped me wind down from the day, sleep better, and kept my skin in better condition. i’d say i’ve come a long way from merely flopping into bed after putting pjs on, sometimes without even taking my makeup off… i know, i know.

these routines are highly personal, so i’d love for you to share yours in the comments below!

what do i look for in a night routine? i want something effective and relaxing, yet not too time consuming or overly involved. sounds like i want to have my cake and eat it, too, right? here’s what i’ve found to work well for me:

about an hour before i hop into bed, i take a full daily dose of magnesium. the type i take is magnesium glycinate and is not buffered. i also have a liquid version that i sometimes rub on the soles of my feet, but transdermal absorption of magnesium is scientifically inconclusive. both of these help me wind down and also provide my body with an essential mineral that many people are deficient in. unrelated, but since correcting my magnesium deficiency, my menstrual cramps have almost disappeared. has anyone else experienced this? as always, please speak with your healthcare professional before supplementing. i’m definitely not in the healthcare field so this doesn’t count.

a half hour before i go to bed, i spray my face thoroughly with rose water. once or twice a week after spraying with rose water, i pat a couple drops of an oil blend all over my face. the aqueous nature of rose water helps the oil penetrate deeper, getting all its benefits. every night, i put an oil around my eye area to help with fine lines, dryness, and dark circles. lately i’ve been obsessing over chia seed oil for everything, so naturally it’s what i’ve been using for my face.

once a week to every other week, i run a couple drops of oil through my hair. this usually ends up being ungurahua and/or chia seed oils.

i of course brush & floss my teeth, too! lately i’ve been using Uncle Harry’s remineralzing toothpaste, but i still have (& use) Earthpaste.

the habit i need to kick is laying in bed scrolling through instagram. i can’t be alone in that! anyone else? but the absolute last thing i do is kiss the cat & the mister goodnight… in that order.

what is your nighttime routine?

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7 thoughts on “nighttime routine”

  1. I need my mom to take more magnesium she doesn’t often look after her own health so would soaking her feet in Epsom salt work as a beginner thing

  2. Hi Alex! Thank you for sharing! I will try out the magnesium as well!
    My nighttime routine involves washing my face, misting, and using a facial serum. Right now, for my cleansers I alternate between Laurel WPO and a honey one from Lilfox. Every now and then I will do an oil cleanse, and I alternate my serums as well (I’ve been using a chia seed one also and love it).
    I also brush and floss and use Earthpaste (as per your suggestion on your toothpaste post) and I guess I will have to give Uncle Harry’s a try too!
    Right before bed I sometimes read (either hard copies or ebooks on my phone), or if I’m too tired I’ll skip it. But I will rub a night oil from Osmia that I have (that has lavender) on my chest and on my feet sometimes. And I have a small lavender pillow that I will sometimes put under my pillowcase.
    I too have come a long way in my nighttime routine, but I try to stick to it (even though I alternate products and such) because I agree it helps me sleep better, unwind, and de-stress, and I have noticed improvements on my skin as well 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, I love reading your posts and just know that you’ve influenced me to do and change so much in my health and beauty care routine. I even make my own deodorant for myself and my family now thanks to you 🙂 sending you lots of love.

    1. One last thought: I’ve noticed that my routine per say isn’t as important as being mindful while I do it. Blocking out everything and focusing on the sensations of cleansing my face and the smells of the oils and on what I’m doing.

    2. this is such a wonderful routine! thank you so much for sharing, carla! I’ll definitely check out the cleansers you mentioned. thank you so much for the kind words. all my love to you and your family!

  3. Hi AlexRaye- great night routine! I, too, have recently started taking magnesium (lowest dose pill format- Blue Bonnet brand) to help my body (and mind) relax before bed. I swear it works miracles!! I take the kind that had 1:1 ratio with calcium, as I’ve heard magnesium helps for better absorptionnof calcium- so why not? I’m curious, what kind of liquid magnesium are you using?
    I don’t know if it’s getting older, but I’m definitely placing more emphasis on my night routine lately and the benefits are really paying off!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. hey mary! yes, it really does help. i have the brand Trace Minerals Research, Mega Mag liquid version. i have a capsule form as well. taking with calcium is a thumbs up!

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