let’s chat – vlog q&a

happy tuesday, crunchies!

i truly hope you all are doing well. we’ve had a couple of crazy earthquakes here in mexico, but all is a-okay now.

the real reason i’m here today – remember that time way back when when i used to vlog every once in awhile? let’s bring that back, except with much better lighting and audio. i bought a fancy new camera that i’m jonesin to use! i’m tired of always being behind a tiny screen, like this –


and yes, that’s an actual picture of how i spend sunday mornings.

please send me your green beauty questions by this weekend and i’ll compile them by topic for a vlog. they can be related to anything crunchy! feel free to submit questions here, instagram, or via email*. if this Q&A vlog turns out to be a hit, let’s make some more vlog-type posts. maybe we can make some lotion together? who knows. feel free to send ideas for those as well.

looking forward to a “chat” with our little crunchy community!


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*email = almostexactlyblog@gmail.com


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4 thoughts on “let’s chat – vlog q&a”

  1. I would love to know if there is a natural way to get rid of premature grey hairs without plucking them! For some odd reason they are popping up like no other and I’m not sure why. Don’t want to have to resort to the chemical dye to get rid of them 😦

  2. I would love to hear your input to make a great facial moisturizer with SPF. I recently bought some red raspberry seed oil for this purpose, but don’t know quite where to go from here to make an actual product I can use (that also won’t make me look like an oil slick).

    Any thoughts for good combinations of products to make this miracle moisturizer? 🙂

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