D.I.Y. OR BUY match-up … round one: lip scrub

welcome to round one of the D.I.Y. OR BUY match. ding ding ding!

today’s contender:LIPSCRUB

before we begin, let me make the disclaimer that no opinions in favor of other side will be stated by me. i’ve chosen to post this series in this manner so it can never be misconstrued that i’m speaking negatively about a truly ‘green’ beauty company. this is a lighthearted series where we can explore what options we have, fitting a variety of budgets, lifestyles, and creativity levels. overall, the more green beauty community support we have, the better we all are. ❤


picture adapted from soapqueen – recipe & photos here . while this is great, to be AE-approved, please leave out fragrance oils. yes, i’m an ingredient sob.

lip scrubs are a pretty nice bookend edition to a self-care routine. the general motivations behind using a lip scrub are to exfoliate, hydrate, and sometimes plump your lips.

i do love being able to do some self-pampering and take my sweet time to mask, moisturize, and exfoliate; however, i consider something like a lip scrub to be a little extra step, and not standard in my routine.

everyone is different though, so let’s get to it!


below are some lovely organic/natural/”green” lip scrubs on the market**:


here is a SUPER CHEAP base recipe to mix up, from which you can add your own nourishing oils and other botanicals, flavorings, etc.

get creative!

  • 2 tbsp fine raw sugar or fine pink salt (whichever suits your taste and/or dietary needs)
  • 1.5 tbsp carrier oil (chia, coconut, kukui… anything you have handy)
  • tiny bits of your favorite nourishing oils, botanicals, etc. (you made need to slightly increase the oil if you add more dry material and vice versa)

with your additional nourishing oils, botanicals, spices, and/or essential oils, the options are endless. you can make any flavor you want: coffee, chocolate, lime, chai, mint, berry, vanilla, cinnamon (for plumping) etc… have fun with it!

be sure to keep your edible lip scrubs in the fridge for up to two weeks.

and if you’re super lazy and cheap, like me:

  • apply a lot of your favorite carrier oil to your lips (hello, chia!)
  • gently rub with a washcloth (or a clean, soft toothbrush)
  • ….done. that’s it.

anyone else do the latter? just me? alrighty.

hope you enjoyed the first installment of this new series! if you have any ideas on what you’d like to see in this D.I.Y. OR BUY match-up, leave it in the comments below.

happy weekend, crunchies!


**please note that i do not have any affiliate links on this post, or anywhere on my blog for that matter. all links are purely informational. i highly doubt these companies even know i exist… 😛 


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