keeping work crunchy

do you work in an office? if so, this post is for YOU! hopefully this will give you ideas on how to stay true to your “green” ways while working outside of your home.


let’s keep this short and sweet with a list, shall we? these are my favorites and is in no way an exhaustive list. and, as always – i am not sponsored. i am not compensated. i wasn’t gifted anything. the links provided are purely for your ease of use.

hand sanitizer

desk wipes


  • dr bronner’s – travel size (i believe these are sold at target and sprouts)


portable aromatherapy

  • nectar essences – tiny bottles of oils (the de-stress/unwind is my favorite. it’s so bright and cheery.)
  • badger balm – balm sticks (cheerful mind is my favorite. it smells like sunshine.)


>> please leave your favorites and anything i missed below!


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2 thoughts on “keeping work crunchy”

  1. I use Purple Prairie Botanicals hand sanitizer. Not sure how “sanitize-ey” it is but it smells great. Does list cetearyl alcohol as an ingredient, though.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion on the hand sanitizer. I was wondering if there was a good natural sanitizer that could be bought. =)

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