staying fresh on flights (& what not to do)

keeping your body and skin hydrated on a flight is an uphill battle. the longer and more frequent the air time, the scalier your skin gets… right?

here are some of my tips, as a frequent international traveler.

  1. water. you probably rolled your eyes, given this is super obvious, but it still deserves to be #1. you can bring your own – empty – water bottle through airport security, you can purchase water post-security, and/or you can ask your flight crew for a couple cups of water when they pass by.

    what not to do: purposely avoid water to avoid the bathroom. i think we can all agree public bathrooms are awful, but it’s better than passing out from dehydration.

    what not to do x2: don’t bother your flight crew needlessly. catering to your hydration level is not on their list of job duties. on that note, no, i am not a flight attendant.

  2. travel-sized carry-on products.
    my last post was about smaller-sized carry-on products, but let’s be a little specific here. you can carry on anything 3.3 ounces or less, so by all means –  bring your favorite face serum in your carry-on bag or purse.
    your favorite travel-sized lotion can come, too. squirt some into a squeezy travel tube and voila. just please make sure it’s not heavily scented, since you’ll be crammed into a sealed metal tube with 100+ other favorites:
    kieta botanicals, the botanical dew – 1.69 fl oz for $68 (presale)
    honua skincare – aloha youth serum – 1 fl oz for $58 (not an affiliate – they don’t know who i am)
    –  badger balm – cheerful mind balm stick for $8 (labeled for aromatherapy but it’s very mild and can be rubbed on your hands, elbows, knees, hair, and even lips. also not an affiliate)

    what not to do: do not use strongly scented products.

    what not to do x2: please do not use spray versions of products. it’s not “against the rules” but it’s against what it means to not be the person everyone on the plane hates.

  3. d.i.y. hydration close to when you leave as you can, make a really quick hydration mix in a small bowl. this is made of 1 part aloe juice and 1 part hydrosol. i personally love rose water. soak a few organic cotton pads in this mix and place them into a small airtight container, either plastic or glass. a plastic baggie will work, too. you can also add a few drops of your favorite oil onto each pad, so it will spread around your face/neck as you gently swipe.

    these are especially great for long trips, making you quickly feel refreshed and clean.

other tips:

  • 100% pure has a really nice caffeine eye cream that’s carry-on friendly. i will be honest and let you know that i’ve strayed from this brand almost completely due to the quality of the products vs the price you pay, but i do highly recommend this eye cream. again, not an affiliate.
  • full-sized deodorants can go in your carry-on. don’t waste money on the travel-sized ones if you don’t want to.
  • chapsticks are free to be carried on as well. bring your favorite.


what are your travel tips on staying hydrated and fresh?


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