to my readers

if you can believe it, Almost Exactly has been around for 6 years. it wasn’t always a green beauty blog, but it was around.

a lot of you have been here since the beginning. i can’t properly express how thankful i am to you. a lot of you are new… and i also can’t thank you enough. you’re all important to me.

the reality is this blog hasn’t grown much in the last 18 months, and that’s on me. i haven’t been providing you with the great content i want, i can’t order new ingredients to try for really cool new d.i.y.’s, and i can’t keep up with the well-organized and edited photos on instagram… but why? i don’t want to say “i’m busy” because you all deserve more than that, but i am.

now i’m fortunate enough to be running a business singlehandedly while also working a full time corporate job in a foreign country. in my free time i’m trying to figure out how to see my family back in the U.S.

this blog has taken a back seat to all of that.

instead of giving you one post a month when you deserve more, i’m officially putting Almost Exactly on a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time starting 12/31/18. it’s time for me to focus my energy on my family, on me, on my business, and on my career. if there’s anything you want to pick my brain about for a post before that date, please comment or send me a message and i’ll make it happen. i’m happy to cram in as much as i can before i “leave.” i put that in quotes because it’s not permanent.

this site will still be paid for to remain up for anything you need, comments will still be open, and my instagrams will still be up (@alexraye_ae & @kietabotanicals). please don’t ever hesitate to reach out – i’m still here.

if you would like to continue your support, my efforts will be focused on Kieta Botanicals, which you can follow on instagram at @kietabotanicals ,  and you can find the company website at . if you’ve made it this far into my online letter – thank you – and here’s a 10% off coupon for your first purchase of The Botanical Dew, sold only on my website. it’s only available for the first 50 people and expires 11/30/18.

i love you. i appreciate you. i’ll see you soon.


11 thoughts on “to my readers

  1. Congrat’s on your new adventure’s & sometimes things have to be let go in order to focus on what’s important. It’s hard to put a lot of energy into so many different irons. I’ve had to let some things go myself, and still need to narrow things down a bit more some how.
    Hopefully you can pop in from time to time to give us all an update every few months or so. 🙂
    Prayers are on the wind for success in the new adventures with your family & work/career)

  2. Hi Alex! I’ve been reading your blog for 5 years! Not so much in the last year (I had a baby!) But I missed you! I am so happy for you and your new adventures! I recently turned 30 😲😄 and i’m looking for anti aging tips/ products. I just started researching today and I found Instanatural (have you heard of them?) Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for being an inspiration for better living! Much love!

    1. Oh Michelle, congrats on your little one!! And thank you so much for supporting me for so long. Would you mind if i made an anti-aging post next week, both “buy” and “diy”? i’ll look into the company you named – i haven’t heard of them; thanks! Sending you love.

  3. I’ve been following you from the beginning, and am sending love and happiness to you for your future adventures!

  4. Hey! I’ve been following you for about 2 years, I love everything you post about!

    I am having hair issues maybe you can help with! I was successfully water only for about a year, then we moved somewhere with super hard water and wow! Problems!! I had to go back to shampoo and conditioner, (Shea Moisture), until we got a water softener. But even with a whole home water softener, I’m having trouble going back to CO or WOM, and honestly I’m too busy to deal with another adjustment phase to make it work. And I’m wondering if Shea Moisture is still a good option? I heard they got bought out by a bigger company, and that always makes me nervous. So, my question is what gentle, moisturizing, “clean”, low poo shampoo do you recommend? Or a conditioner that also has cleansing properties without silicones? I have dry frizzy wavy thick long brown hair. I don’t use any styling products at all, just a little oil after I wash. Thanks so much for your help!! Best of luck on Kieta Botanicals!!

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you for supporting me for that long – you’re an angel. Congrats on WO, but holy moly, I feel you on the hard water issues. They’re the worst. Last I checked, SM was bought out and changed their formulations, so while they still contain great ingredients, they also contain not great ones. I personally use and love love love Calia. It’s shipped from Canada but really worth it. I actually just use their conditioner to co-wash and it’s the perfect balance of cleaning and hydration. Check it out and let me know what you think. We can find you other options, too. Love!

    2. I can definitely vouch for SM changing the formulation. I recently bought the raw shea conditioner again and compared the ingredients, nothing is the same, completely different! I currently use the everyday shampoo from Shikai brand i found at Natural Grocers, and it’s been pretty good.

  5. Alex, I’ve seen you grow since the beginning and it’s been so beautiful to watch how far you’ve come. I am so grateful for you and all you’ve taught me and inspired me to do throughout the years. I give you nothing but my unconditional support and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you 🙂

    Much love,

    1. Thank you so much for your support, Carla. That means the world to me, truly. If there’s anything you want to see in the next couple months, lemme know. Love right back!

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