i broke up with coconut oil… and you can too

…and as with many breakups, i was sad.

but it was time.

that was dramatic, but you get it. if you’ve supported me on this blog for awhile, you are completely aware of how quickly coconut oil became a solid part of my beauty routine. i used it from head to toe.

needless to say, this isn’t a post bashing coconut oil. rather, this is a post on what i’ve found to be better options. and by “better” i mean less greasy, easier to handle, and more effective.

pic from mamaonica


here are some oils i’ve found take the cake when compared to coconut oil.



chia seed co2 & chia seed oil 

all of the moisture and good fats with none of the grease. rich in omegas, protein, and zinc, your skin and hair will improve quickly.


BEST FOR HAIR (for moisture, shine, smoothing, etc)

ungurahua oil 

i’ll admit. this stuff smells awful without essential oils added. but it’s by FAR the best hair oil i’ve ever encountered. it makes your hair instantly shiny and soft, and is a great scalp treatment. i don’t know why it’s so magical, but it is.

sourced from central and south america, this seed oil, rich in omega-9, is touted for its wide range of hair uses, including healing scalp issues, taming frizz, intensive moisturizing, helping with hair loss, and boosting shine. it only takes 3 to 4 drops to get the job done.



marula oil

this oil soaks in so fast and it’s rich in omega-6 and 9. it’s healing and moisturizing, improving the overall look and feel of your skin. it’s a great addition to a homemade body and hair oil.

please note you do NOT want this oil on your face. it’s over 70% oleic acid and has a comedogenic rating of 3 to 4, out of 5, making it very likely to clog pores.



black castor oil

don’t get me wrong – coconut oil is great for hair growth. unfortunately, most people can’t put coconut oil on their face without breaking out. black castor oil is fantastic for hair growth, especially on eyebrows and eyelashes. it’s also on the thicker side, so it sort of “sticks” in your eyebrows, helping it to not slide all over your face.



prickly pear seed oil

while this is a bit pricey per ounce, it’s absolutely worth it. it’s a lightweight nourishing oil that’s quickly absorbed. it’s rich in vitamins A, E, and K, as well as calcium, beta-carotene, magnesium, iron, and is high in omega-6. it also has 150% more vitamin E than argan. for all these reasons, it’s a big percentage of The Botanical Dew  base oil blend.



yes, you read that correctly. if you love coconut oil but want a dreamy, intoxicating scent without having to mix anything, try –

monoi de tahiti

there seems to be a misconception that this oil is its own, but it’s actually tahitian gardenia flowers muddled and soaked in coconut oil. the smell is absolutely wonderful and delicate, and you get all the same benefits of coconut oil, because that’s what it is.

if you’ve ever smelled khus+khus bleu body wax, that’s what makes it smell so daggone good. speaking of that product, other than my homemade body oil, it’s currently my favorite thing to use after a shower!


anything i missed? please share your favorite coconut oil “alternatives” below.



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7 thoughts on “i broke up with coconut oil… and you can too”

  1. you know I never had an issue with coconut oil (Other than it makes my hair a greasy mess) but I can totally see how it doesn’t penetrate. I’ve been seeing this more and more in articles.
    I actually have a colleague who JUST YESTERDAY was asking me about other alternatives to skin products because so many things make her break out… so I sent her your post here!

    you have me so curious about these new oils!

    also I am OBSESSED with Butterfly Pea. OBSESSED I say. I made blue hair gel the other night with it and its my NEW BABY!
    well done you!

    1. i am so jealous of you and coconut oil, haha! & thank you so much for sending someone over. you’re the best!
      oh, the obsession with that flower is reaaalll for the both of us. when i’m done with my break, i have a whole blue post coming. maybe i can pass it by you first!! i’m hoping your blue gel will be on your blog…. hehe. sending love!

  2. Do you have links for any of these oils? Like which brands are your favorite? This was super interesting and I’d love to ‘break up’ with coconut oil as well! Xo

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