high quality eye serum DIY

buying eye serums can get expensive, because the eye area is the most delicate and requires the highest quality ingredients.

i’m here to knock your socks off with a cheaper and super effective DIY.  you can put this in a tiny dropper bottle or buy a steel ball roll-on. either way, it should be magical.

you’ll notice 2 of the 3 ingredients are also found in The Botanical Dew, for good reason.


this is me… so artsy… ha… (yes, i also used this picture for @kietabotanicals cuz your girl only has so much time in the day)

  • prickly pear seed oil
    • antioxidant, anti-aging
    • high in vitamin K, helping to reduce under-eye darkness
    • high in vitamins A and E, softening skin
    • contains 150% more vitamin E than argan oil
    • high in omega-6, linoleic acid
  • amaranth seed oil
    • highly effective antioxidant and emollient, due to abundance of squalene
    • improves skin elasticity and reduces appearance of fine lines
    • restores skin barrier
    • high in omega-6, linoleic acid
  • cucumber seed oil
    • anti-aging – revitalizes and supports maturing skin
    • contains high amounts of phytosterols to improve skin elasticity
    • soothing and hydrating
    • high in omega-6, linoleic acid


below are suggestions on where you can source the ingredients. i grouped them so you only have to purchase from 2 places. please note none of these links are affiliates. they are only provided to help you. i gain nothing at all.

(seem pricey? i’ve included a cost analysis below.)


  • 5 mL or 100 drops of prickly pear seed oil
  • 2 mL or 50 drops of amaranth seed oil
  • 2 mL or 50 drops of cucumber seed oil

carefully put all 3 oils into bottle in any order. seal jar and shake well.

sparingly and very gently dab onto eye area each night before bed. don’t wash off.


using the lowest number of batches your ingredients will make, let’s look at costs.

  • initial cost – $64
    • makes 3 bottles, bound by the 1/2 ounce of prickly pear seed oil
    • you will have amaranth and cucumber oils left over, maybe for a nice hair oil
  • price per bottle for the first 3 – $21.34
  • price per bottle after the 3rd (no longer allocating cost of bottle or pipette) – $18

comparing to the average cost of a purchased eye serum, you’re getting 3 DIY bottles for the price of 1 you’d otherwise buy.


do you use an eye serum, either DIY or purchased? please share!


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