oil cleansing method: DIY oil blend

i first started oil cleansing about 5 years ago, and my taste in oils has gotten… ahem… snobbier more sophisticated.

this DIY oil blend is suitable for all skin types, but especially helps mature and/or sensitive, and/or blemish-prone skin. it’s also really easy to DIY.

i like this blend because the oil feels so rich and is the most beautiful golden color, but really cleans deep and leaves your skin glowing and feeling velvety, without risking blemishes. it also has a very earthy smell, which i find to be really grounding for a calming skincare routine.

as with all my DIY blends, you can easily blend in your favorite oils and essential oils, if you wish. if you do, please leave your formulations in the comment section below for the rest of the community to enjoy.


this blend has 2 oils – one carrier and one nutritive booster. see? super easy DIY, but super effective.

living in mexico, i’ve fallen in love with amaranth. you kind of have to… it’s in a lot of things. it’s not only great when ingested, but great when applied topically. naturally it’s a staple in my oil cleansing blend. but why? amaranth seed oil contains the most abundant form of plant squalene known to man. squalene is a highly effective antioxidant and emollient, helping to regulate lipids and restore the skin barrier. the oil itself is very lightweight and highly anti-aging, quickly improving skin elasticity and the appearance of fine lines. it’s also a great source of polyunsaturated fats, and is high in omega-6/linoleic acid.

our nutritive oil booster added to our blend is black cumin seed oil. it’s an incredibly nutritive oil that contains over one hundred identified nutrients, and a high content of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids – omega-3, -6, and -9. also, one of its components, thymoquinone, is a powerful antioxidant.

amaranth seed oil, to me, smells very earthy, sort of like soil after rain. black cumin seed oil is distinctively spicy. mixed together, this blend is really grounding and relaxing. if you find that earthy smells aren’t for you, maybe adding a skin-friendly essential oil, targeted for your needs, will help.



carefully drop 12 drops of black cumin seed oil into a 1 ounce bottle of amaranth seed oil. shake very well. done.

use as you normally would for the oil cleansing method*, and follow up with any additional steps you usually do. i pressed a layer of The Botanical Dew into my skin afterwards for good measure, because it’s dry season here in CDMX, and we’re already at 1.5x the altitude of Denver. talk about ‘yikes’ for skin and scalp conditions.


amaranth seed oil will run you between $20 and $25 per ounce (a far cry from the $85/ounce amaranth blends being sold).
black cumin seed oil will cost about $5 to $10 per 1 to 2 ounce bottles (supplier sizes varies).

don’t forget to leave your favorite OCM blends below!


* please note i wrote that OCM post almost 6 years ago. there are oils listed i no longer recommend. want an updated version? let me know!

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8 thoughts on “oil cleansing method: DIY oil blend”

  1. I’m curious. You have 12 drops of black cumin seed oil into a 1 ounce bottle of amaranth seed oil. How long does this last you? I’m wanting to get back to doing OCM, and your blog is my first stop. Thank you for all your research, and sharing.

  2. Just received my black cumin and amaranth seed oils in the mail! Woo.
    Any favorite suggestions for essential oils that blend well with these two? Also, this doesn’t need an additional preservative added, correct? Because there’s no water in it?
    Final question…any additional fun ideas on what to do with black cumin seeds oil? I have a lot left!
    Thanks for this recipe… can’t wait to see how my skin does with it!

    1. hi love! ah, that’s great! black cumin on its own is pretty ‘spiced’ smelling, and amaranth is very earthy, so i would suggest the more ‘grounded’ smelling EOs (nothing super light, overly bright and floral, or citrusy). always check with an aromatherapist for any contraindications before use. you are correct – no preservative needed because it’s anhydrous. and for the black cumin seed oil, you can use it undiltuted as a body oil, face oil, and scalp/hair oil, so let your creativity run wild! it’s such a neat oil, and a well-studied one at that. ❤

      1. Thanks! After using this combo for a few days, I’ve actually grown really accustomed to the smell and enjoy its earthiness. (-: Probably won’t end up adding anything to it after-all.

  3. Which Amaranth and Black cumin seed oil do you recommend? I’ve never tried either, don’t even know where to start lol. Thank you!

    1. hi love! you can get both in personal use sizes from From Nature With Love and you can also get just the back cumin from Mountain Rose Herbs. hope this helps!

  4. I usually use rose hip oil. Recently I bought squalane oil to blend it with. Have you ever used squalane? I’ll have to try some of your other suggestions!

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