45 minute DIY (at home) full facial routine

happy self-care sunday!

today i’m going to share with you my favorite facial routine lately. it takes about 45 minutes and makes me feel so much better, even if my hair is on day 7.


this has 3 steps, but don’t let that deter you.

  1. jasmine green tea face steam
    • make a strongly steeped cup of jasmine green tea
      • green tea contains antioxidants, tannins, and caffeine, helping to reduce puffiness and improve skin texture
      • jasmine is said to provide a calming, relaxing experience – just what we need
    • while still hot, dip a washcloth into the tea, wring out, and place over your clean face until it cools
    • wipe your face in gentle circular motions all over
    • reheat washcloth in the hot tea again. steam your face again. gently wipe your face again
  2. papaya ice facial
    • using your pre-made blended frozen papaya cubes*, gently swirl all over your face until thoroughly covered and chilled. this will stimulate blood flow and brighten your complexion. a slight tingle is okay, as the papaya contains natural fruit acid exfoliants
      • *i posted about this on instagram (@alexraye_ae), but it’s super easy: cut 1/3 to 1/2 of a ripe papaya in chunks, keeping the skin on, and blend until smooth. drop a small spoonful into each ice cube pocket in a silicone tray. freeze and use a cube at a time as needed.
    • let sit 15 to 20 minutes
    • wipe off with the jasmine green tea washcloth you used before
  3. hydration & moisture
    • after you wipe off the papaya, you’ll want to hydrate AND moisturize
    • you can do a two-step process for this, by misting with your favorite hydrosol and while your face is still damp, applying a few drops of your favorite oil – OR – you can use a generous amount of your Botanical Dew (it hydrates and moisturizes in one step)


enjoy your soft, glowing skin!

would you want to see a hydrating mist DIY? i have a few favorite recipes i’d be more than happy to share. let me know.

what are your favorite tea steams?


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