oil cleansing method 2.0+

a lovely reader requested an OCM blend post, so let’s do a complete revamp of my original from early 2013. i can’t believe that was nearly 6 years ago.

ps – i have a surprise at the bottom of the post for you.

before this blog goes on hiatus, here’s an overview of all the best oils i’ve used and tried over the years. as you can see, they’re listed with details such as the comedogenic rating, what skin type would benefit best, the fatty acid profile. i’ve only listed those with a 0 or 1 comedogenic rating, because no one has time for clogged pores. hopefully it helps!

you can always blend as many or as little oils into your OCM blend as you want.  i’ve also posted the top 5/bottom 5 commonly used face oils, as well as one of my favorite OCM blends. 

below that list, i’ve included oils that nearly everyone should avoid, and a list of oils that those with acne-prone skin should avoid.

and finally, below those lists, you’ll find an overview of how to oil cleanse.


AVOID almost ALWAYS – high comedogenic rating

  • avocado
  • coconut
  • cottonseed
  • flax seed
  • marula
  • palm kernel
  • soybean
  • wheat germ

AVOID if you have ACNE-PRONE SKIN (high in oleic acid)

  • acai berry
  • almond
  • apricot kernel
  • avocado
  • baobab
  • brazil nut
  • buriti
  • camellia seed
  • carrot seed
  • chia seed
  • cocoa butter
  • hazelnut
  • kukui nut
  • macadamia nut
  • mango butter
  • marula
  • neem
  • olive
  • papaya seed
  • peach kernel
  • peanut
  • pecan
  • pistachio
  • plum kernel
  • pumpkin seed
  • rice bran
  • sea buckthorn
  • sesame seed
  • shea butter
  • tamanu



  1. wipe your face (make-up or not) with warm water and a wash cloth
  2. slather a generous puddle of your oil blend onto your face and massage gently for two minutes
  3. put the wash cloth under HOT water and gently wring out excess water so it doesn’t drip on you (don’t burn yourself! this is meant to “steam” your face)
  4. place washcloth over your face and relax until it cools off
  5. gently massage/wipe the oil from your face with the same wash cloth
  6. heat up the wash cloth again with the hot water
  7. place over your face again until it cools off
  8. massage/wipe off your face again with the wash cloth
  9. allow your skin to air dry
  10. voila, super soft, super clean skin!


>> what are your favorite blends?


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8 thoughts on “oil cleansing method 2.0+”

  1. I was curious why Seabuckthorn is listed on the avoid list, as I’ve seen it advertised specifically to improve acne.

    1. hi love! good question. it’s good for healing skin conditions, but it’s a little too high in oleic acid to be tolerated well by most acne-prone skin. i tried to note that above the list. i know everyone is different. the list is a quick reference for those that struggle with acne and want to know which oils are best avoided. i’ve even seen avocado oil advertised for acne-prone skin (yikes), so i made this to provide a starting point for research.

    1. rosehip oil is great, especially for mature skin! the only reason i didn’t put it in the chart is because it’s a 2 on the comedogenic scale, and i was trying to stick to 0’s and 1’s in case anyone is just starting out or has had trouble with the OCM. really great question, thank you!!

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