papaya face mask – easier version.

you’ve seen this post before… once about 3 years ago, and again on instagram (@alexraye_ae). but here we are today to blog-i-fy the recent insta post…. because it’s an easier version of the one i posted in early 2016… and we love ‘easy yet effective,’ right?

i love this as part of my 45 minute at-home facial.


this face mask is 1 ingredient, and gently exfoliates with the natural fruit acids in the papaya’s skin, flesh (hate that word), and seeds. think of it as a green beauty face peel.

why would you use a face peel? they’re used to slough off the top dead layer of skin cells and promote cell turnover. this reveals fresh skin and can help shrink pores. face peels are especially helpful to those wanting to combat uneven skin tone, help combat fine lines, and help heal breakouts.


blend 1/3 of a ripe papaya, skin, seeds and all, in a high powered blender. once it turns into a smooth jelly, scoop small spoonfuls into the pockets of a silicone ice cube tray and freeze.

this is because – 1. it’ll keep your face mask cubes fresh and in the perfect one mask amounts; and 2. an ice facial will stimulate blood flow in a gentle way.

only use this mask once every week. you should see visible results after a few uses, but your glow will be there immediately.

be sure to follow up your peel with a nourishing serum. with the increased blood flow and newly exposed skin, you have the perfect opportunity to really set yourself up for some serious glow! you already know i love my Botanical Dew, but i have some other great oils listed here.

AND – since we don’t want to waste the extra papaya, you can use the rest as a hair mask. it’ll add some shine, softness, and moisture, as well as give you a little grease-fighting action. papaya is quite the super fruit!


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