DIY “the cleansing putty”

yes, you read that correctly. there’s NOTHING* on the market like this, so i’m absolutely over the moon to bring it to you. if you haven’t noticed, i’ve really been trying to push the boundaries of the DIY game the last few months. we’re taking our at-home formulations seriously around here.

SO –

do you like the OCM but want something faster, less messy, and able to take off the heaviest makeup with just a water rinse?

here you go.

ladies and gents… i present to you…



*there are similar oil blends, but nothing of this lovely texture and ‘all-natural’ formulation! i think i’ll be quite upset if someone tries to sell this after i share the formula, but now you have the power to make it yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

this formula is still completely oil-based, but includes an emulsifier, so it turns into “milk” when you wash your face with water.

but why include an emulsifier? emulsifiers are both water AND oil loving. super cool! it ensures that makeup is completely removed, and it rinses clean with water (unlike a plain oil blend).

you can choose any emulsifier you like, but i prefer lecithin, because it actually is truly natural and can be consumed on its own as a dietary supplement. here’s one from mountain rose herbs (not affiliate), since we’ve sourced a lot of other DIY ingredients from that site. it isn’t the one i use in The Botanical Dew, but it’s close.

i also strongly suggest you add a preservative, even though there’s no aqueous ingredients. A – because it’s meant to be stored in a jar, where you’ll scoop it out with your fingers. i suppose you could use a fancy spoon, though. B – it might have a high chance of being exposed to water, so i’d rather not take chances with spreading mean bacteria across my face. you?

as with most DIYs on this blog, you can use whatever carrier oil/oils your skin prefers. that way you can also control the production cost.

what you need:

  • favorite carrier oil or favorite blend
  • emulsifier
  • preservative (not necessary but strongly suggested)
  • small bowl or wide mouth cup
  • high speed blender (if you have an immersion blender, A+)
  • 100 mL glass jar (3.3 oz)

please note you will need a blender. you can’t whip this by hand.


  • 3 ounces or 90 mL carrier oil blend
  • 1/3 ounce or 10 mL liquid lecithin
  • manufacturer recommended % oil-soluble preservative and proper use

how to blend:

  1. put your oil/oil blend in a small bowl or cup
  2. add in the lecithin. yes, i know it’s hard to work with and gloopy, but it’ll be okay
  3. blend until it turns to putty. this will happen rather quickly… about 5 seconds or less
  4. if you’re using a preservative, blend in now
  5. store in an airtight, glass jar, in a cool, dark space
  6. toss after 12 months or if the smell or color takes a turn

how to use:

  • dampen face and spread a dime-sized amount all over. it’ll turn milky and get rid of impurities
  • you might want to double cleanse (some people like that)
  • rinse well with water and/or wipe clean
  • follow up with your favorite moisturizer

what do you think? what oils will you be using?


leave your comments and questions below -

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