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hi crunchies!

today i’m so super excited to have annie on the AE blog! she is a real life, super educated, Certified Clinical Master Herbalist, CCMH™ , Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist, CCMA™ , aaaaand Certified Nutrition Consultant, CNC™

you can find her blog here and her instagram here

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welcome, annie! 

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My name is Ann Gomez and I am the Herbalist behind Wild Moon Holistic.

While the amazing and talented Alex is off to school, she asked me to pop in from time to time and say hello, share some fun topics,  maybe post a few of my favorite DIY recipes and basically honored me with a few “guest spots” on her blog that I have loved and admired for years.

I think I met Alex (via her blog) gosh in 2013 maybe.  It has been a while.  Back in the day, when I was on my OWN green body care journey. Before I went to school, before I had any idea what to do with an essential oil and long before I realized going product free while reducing the toxic chemical load to my body and environment, would become my life.

Alex always has great articles on low “poo” to no “poo” how to’s that I devoured because at the time I was having a lot of fun playing with RED HAIR, redhairwithpurplechunks

My hairstylist warned me to find shampoos that were sulfate-free.  Back then sulfate-free was NOT a buzz word on bottles of Poo.  You had to spend a lot of money from beauty supply stores to get some (which I did once or twice) and immediately knew I was NOT going to keep that up, northeredhair.

Once I began reading labels that ultimately led me to less-poo to co-washing to no-poo.

Now as an herbalist I wash my hair with tea.  Once I saw and had a better understanding about a few ingredients on those freakishly incomprehensible labels, I became insatiable to learn about all the others.

mixed petals

During my time in school for my herbalist certifications I learned just how many petrol-chemicals we are exposed too, ones we have no control over and all the ones we do.  Then I remembered the lovely Alex here at Almost Exactly Blog.

I had long before herb school gone no poo and was pretty much off the product train except for maybe a few makeup things I still purchased, but very seriously off the grid.

Even my classmates were intrigued by this crazy lady who made all the things herself.

During school I wasn’t contemplating making products to sell once school was over despite everyone trying to push me in that direction.  All I knew back then (2015) was I had found a school that could educate me in the one area that I never knew I could get an education in;  herbology.

18 months later I graduated with two certifications.  One as a Certified Nutrition Consultant, CNC™, and the other as a Certified Clinical Master Herbalist, CCMH™ and with no clue what to do next.  I was more scared than before I started.  There were so many things to consider in being a therapist. I ran for the hills but continued to get educated.  I had this amazing education and I was determined to do something with it.

I already have a full time life being a single Mom and a fuller-than-full-time job in public service in the water and wastewater industry.  I work with engineers all day and the public. Behind the scenes I show people who will listen how plants can help you heal, be made into medicine and how to improve their health and food choices.

I am the office Shaman. 

green bowl petals.jpg

But there was still all those classes and even segments on pollution, radiation, and those frightening petrol-chemicals that always stuck in my head.

I made my family tinctures and salves, teas and started Wild Moon Holistic on Instagram; My future, one day, dream business place holder.  I love herbs and plants and nature and all that it encompasses, but I had no real business experience, nor any idea how to proceed.

During that time essential oils became my new fascination.  I read all I could, bought every book I could find and devoured them.

One year later I was browsing my school’s website and about fell out of my chair when I saw that they had added a certification for an Aromatherapist.

I called that day and enrolled.

yes I did.

6 months later I had a third certification as a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist, CCMA™.

Included in my packet of tests and final projects, graded and returned, along with my diploma, was a note from the director, that if I took just 5 more classes I would meet all the requirements for the HHP program “Holistic Health Practitioner” to become a therapist.

Now mind you I already have 3 full certifications, and on their own it was enough to do all I could ever want to do.

That said, I am addicted to personal growth and included in those last 5 classes were business and marketing.  You can guess what I did next I bet.

YUP, I signed back up to finish, 2 months later.

That is where I am at now; back in school, while I am still advancing at my day job.

lady is busy.

What I have now that I didn’t when I finished my herbalist program is clarity.

Clarity, confidence in my goals, in my path and finally a drive to put it all together.

I know reducing those chemicals is a big drive, as is simplicity.  I make my own everything, even our family’s cleaning supplies.


I started making simple makeup out of plants and flowers.  I started an urban farm in my front yard. I manage a community garden at my job.  Not only do I love using herbs and plants to keep us all healthy and vibrant, I like to grow my own organic plants and vegetables, and flowers. 

someday I want my keep bees, and maybe a few chickens.

Wild Moon Holistic was born out of a love of nature, gardening and a bigger love to share and teach.

I am so glad to be here and meet all of you here on Alex’s blog.

Now that you have a wee bit of background from me, let me know if you have any questions, comments, ideas for me to write about, hit me up on the comments.

I can help with anything from body care and beauty, to therapeutic help, and gosh if you want to learn how to knit or spin yarn, we can do that too.  Want to cook a fabulous and body nourishing meal? sure!  Lets dig in.

I am a photographer with a love for anything Macro.  I love to devour a good classic novel, and all things parenting are of top concern to me and if I can get my picky eater to try a mushroom I bet you can get yours to try one too (or sneak it in a muffin) kidding… kinda.

Its so very nice to meet all of you here at Almost Exactly Blog and a humongous hug to Alex for honoring me with a guest speaker post here.




you can find her blog here and her instagram here


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