my current beauty routine

wow… it’s been 3 years since i shared my beauty routine with you.

i don’t know about you, but i love seeing what other people use to take care of themselves. do you?

let’s dive in –


as always, nothing linked is an affiliate or benefits me in any way.

please share your current routines below! i really love to hear from you guys.


i use both shampoo and conditioner now, due to living in a very dry and very polluted environment. it is what it is.



this hasn’t changed much, if at all, over the last few years.


  • schmidt’s – geranium
    • i was using the lavender but my stank would come through before i left the office


we all know tsi-la is my ride or die, but here in mexico, sandovalis has stolen my heart!


i’ve switched to exclusively using Zoya. they’re 10-free and vegan – rejoice! but, i buy off amazon. sometimes it’s $1 cheaper per bottle, but i’m just amazon-loyal to be honest.


i don’t really wear much. i’m contemplating getting my eyebrows microbladed, and if i do, i will probably stop wearing makeup completely. if you’ve had your eyebrows microbladed, please DM me your experience! @alexraye_ae 


i’m still taking the same supplements that a nutritionist advised to me.

with breakfast:

with lunch:

before bed:


don’t forget to share what’s a part of your current routine!


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17 thoughts on “my current beauty routine”

  1. I saw in a precious article you said you wanted to try the Shea Moisture brand; I was wondering if you did and what your thoughts on it were! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing your current routine! It was nice reading others’ routines as well. Your blog has helped me become a healthier more green consumer who does research before making purchases beginning 6 years ago. Hair care has been a problem of mine as I moved from CO to south TX and am trying to solve dry scalp issues in a hot humid environment. But I just ordered a 100% Pure shampoo in hopes that it will be a new winner. Fingers crossed! I currently use Uncle Harry’s toothpaste, cornstarch as dry shampoo, Dr. Bronners for lots of things, and Primal Life deodorant. Thanks for all your sharing and help within your blog. Sending love and good vibes your way!

    1. aw thank you love! good luck with everything 🙂 100% pure shampoo (the one with burdock) is my fave! what did you get? lemme know if you like it! sending love right back!

  3. What happened to no poo shampoo routine which you proudly wrote about last year in 5-year free post? Was it not working? I’m starting it now and my hair for a second month now is not looking clear. In shower when washing I get that clean feeling and fingers are not oily, but after it dries the look is terrible and feels like hair is matt and sticky.
    So what is it – its not working without shampoo? That’s why you switched back?

    1. hi love! i mentioned in the post it’s because of the pollution where i live, combined with the dry climate since i’m at a really high altitude. when i move back to the US i’ll go back to no-poo 💚 as for what you’re experiencing, do you have hard water? what are you using to clean your hair & scalp. lemme know and we’ll figure something out!

      1. Oh, I see, so basically no-poo is not for everywhere and if traveling or moving to a different climate/pollution, water hardness area – the new transition period starts?
        Although I don’t believe it’s my case – I live in fairly green country, so pollution shouldn’t be problem. I don’t have hard water – i tested it in lab. Currently I have been doing water only method followed by nettle rinse. I’m a little bit scared to try your clay shampoo as I have that weird type of hair – oily scalp prone to dandruff & super dry rest of the hair, yet I don’t have high porosity hair – the strand never sinks in water, it’s just crazy dry! Even before quiting shampoo I was washing hair only 3-4 a month using dry shampoo in between and never on hair strands,so Im afraid it will dry out again with clay.
        There are so many methods for no-poo, afterwash rinses and spray-ons mentioned, I’m really confused with all that mischmash. I enjoy your blog, but also here it’s hard to navigate 😬

      2. Oh well, thank you for deleting the my reply! Obviously you are very welcoming and just posting blog to make money of ads and not to share experience or truly help people!
        Good! Best of luck!

      3. I didn’t delete your comment, as you can see it above. comments go into moderation and sit until I approve them because spam gets through sometimes. I also don’t make money off of ads. I don’t even do affiliate links. everything I post is free to you and comes out of my own pocket. I suggest you stop and think before you lash out at someone trying to help you. best of luck.

    1. hi love! i’d suggest you try the sample pack of their scents 🙂 to me, kizes smells the most citrusy and bright, but things smell different on different people’s skin. i think they have a new special now where if you get the samples, you get a $20 credit to use on your full size purchase.

  4. Its always fun to see what other people do! I am still pretty much on my own products. Hair teas with powdered beet root juice for a reddish tint, all makeup home made and simple with a smidgen of zinc for shimmer. Deodorant is a blend of baking soda, pearl powder and tea tree, etc, all manor of oils for skin. Tooth care always vexes me. I sometimes use Happy Teeth or just dry brush or baking soda. I forget sometimes how simple my routine got. I miss it sometimes. I miss hair spray. LOL. Also I am playing with lemon juice for hair and skin.
    Thanks for sharing love!!!!

    1. i love that on the green beauty scale, you can have so many ways to care for your body. i think once i get back to the US and things are more readily available and pollution isn’t a constant issue, i’ll try to swing back into more DIY. oo i’ll have to look up Happy Teeth! i love all your DIYs!

  5. I’m truly grateful and excited you shared your routine. I was checking out the products you listed and am definitely going to be adding some to my routine when I use up what I have.

  6. I love seeing other peoples routines and which products they’re using! This is a great post! Thanks for sharing 💕💕

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