my current beauty routine

wow… it’s been 3 years since i shared my beauty routine with you.

i don’t know about you, but i love seeing what other people use to take care of themselves. do you?

let’s dive in –


as always, nothing linked is an affiliate or benefits me in any way.

please share your current routines below! i really love to hear from you guys.


i use both shampoo and conditioner now, due to living in a very dry and very polluted environment. it is what it is.



this hasn’t changed much, if at all, over the last few years.


  • schmidt’s – geranium
    • i was using the lavender but my stank would come through before i left the office


we all know tsi-la is my ride or die, but here in mexico, sandovalis has stolen my heart!


i’ve switched to exclusively using Zoya. they’re 10-free and vegan – rejoice! but, i buy off amazon. sometimes it’s $1 cheaper per bottle, but i’m just amazon-loyal to be honest.


i don’t really wear much. i’m contemplating getting my eyebrows microbladed, and if i do, i will probably stop wearing makeup completely. if you’ve had your eyebrows microbladed, please DM me your experience! @alexraye_ae 


i’m still taking the same supplements that a nutritionist advised to me.

with breakfast:

with lunch:

before bed:


don’t forget to share what’s a part of your current routine!


8 thoughts on “my current beauty routine

    1. hi love! i’d suggest you try the sample pack of their scents 🙂 to me, kizes smells the most citrusy and bright, but things smell different on different people’s skin. i think they have a new special now where if you get the samples, you get a $20 credit to use on your full size purchase.

  1. Its always fun to see what other people do! I am still pretty much on my own products. Hair teas with powdered beet root juice for a reddish tint, all makeup home made and simple with a smidgen of zinc for shimmer. Deodorant is a blend of baking soda, pearl powder and tea tree, etc, all manor of oils for skin. Tooth care always vexes me. I sometimes use Happy Teeth or just dry brush or baking soda. I forget sometimes how simple my routine got. I miss it sometimes. I miss hair spray. LOL. Also I am playing with lemon juice for hair and skin.
    Thanks for sharing love!!!!

    1. i love that on the green beauty scale, you can have so many ways to care for your body. i think once i get back to the US and things are more readily available and pollution isn’t a constant issue, i’ll try to swing back into more DIY. oo i’ll have to look up Happy Teeth! i love all your DIYs!

  2. I’m truly grateful and excited you shared your routine. I was checking out the products you listed and am definitely going to be adding some to my routine when I use up what I have.

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