herbal-infused hair & scalp rinse

welcome back, loves.

for today’s herbalism-inspired diy, we’re creating an herbal-infused hair & scalp rinse! the base of this will be vinegar, which i’ll explain more below.

this will take 4 weeks to infuse, but i promise it’s worth the wait.

the formula yields six 4 ounce rinses.

as always, no links are affiliates nor do i benefit in any way. the links provided are only to help guide you to my trusted ingredient sources.


picture from graydon skincare blog / formulation wholly mine

for the menstruum, we’ll be using apple cider vinegar. why? because we want to deliver nutrients, like silica, to the scalp and hair directly. we’ve covered solubility in our comprehensive “introduction to herbalism” post here. please check it out! acv is also great for the scalp and hair, helping to rid of fungal overgrowth, help with dandruff / itchy scalp, and to optimize pH (read: make hair silky smooth to touch).

as for the herbs, we’ll be using horsetail, oatstraw, nettles, and rosemary.

horsetail is rich in silica, to help strengthen the hair. it cannot be extracted into water or oil, making it perfect for this formula.

oatstraw is another herb rich in silica, perfect for a hair rinse!

nettles are rich in silica, sulfur, and other minerals, again making it perfect for a scalp and hair rinse.

rosemary is known in the herbal world to help stimulate hair growth and ease scalp issues, like dandruff.

all together they are a hair & scalp powerhouse, when infused properly.


  • 32 ounce glass jar with tight-fitting lid
  • 4 oz squirt or spray bottle



  1. in your 32 oz mason jar, add all 5 tbs of dried herbs
  2. in same jar, add 3 cups (or 24 oz) of apple cider vinegar
  3. shake/stir gently to release air bubbles and reduce risk of mold growth. make sure herbs are completely covered. they will swell over time.
  4. sit in a cool, dry area, away from light for 4 weeks.
  5. gently stir daily.
  6. at 4 weeks, strain well and store in sterilized jar.
  7. add 4 ounces at a time to a squeezy bottle for ease of use.


  • on either dry or wet hair, pour/squeeze mix onto scalp and gently massage. let it run down the length of your hair.
  • let sit for 5 to 15 minutes
  • rinse well with cool water
  • enjoy weekly

store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. toss if the appearance or smell takes a turn.

discard unused portion after 6 months.




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2 thoughts on “herbal-infused hair & scalp rinse”

  1. Are you still doing water only hair washing?
    What do you use for hair dye these days? And what mascara do you use? Thanks:-)

    1. hi love! sadly i am not water only washing anymore, no. i live in a very dry, polluted, high-altitude city and it’s no longer a viable option for me 😦 i’ve stopped dying my hair regularly, but i did recently try a washout dye from artic fox (quarantine got me!). i also stopped wearing mascara, but Root Pretty has one i love! hopefully this helps! 💛 💛

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