IMG_20190526_174100welcome to my DIY beauty blog! here you’ll find all kinds of DIY recipes for hair, skin, and overall health.

i’m AlexRaye – a hippie at heart that holds a Master of Science (2013) and has formally studied Herbalism and Aromatherapy for certifications (2018). i’m here to show readers they can be empowered, educated consumers.

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  1. Hey Hey, my name is Vanessa. I’ve recently switched from all store bought products to completely homemade. Everything is great skin wise, but my hair not so much. My transition period has been about a month now and I’m experiencing hair loss, itchy dry scalp, but reeeeeealy oil hair. Its a damn mess… any way you could help me ;o

    1. Hey Vanessa, AR has an amazing sounding recipe which I need to try out asap which helps loads with dry sclap/oily hair: 1 spoon benny clay, 1.5 spoons ACV, 1.5 spoons honey and 5 spoons filtered water. Pour onto sections of scalp and rub in, leave for 5 mins and rinse thoroughly. DONT LET THE CLAY DRY!
      Also investing in a bb brush has helped me SO much in the oily scalp vs dry hair issue 🙂 It’s made me realise that ACTUALLY my hair isn’t naturally oily… (which is a relief to discover)

  2. Hi, can I just say I love your blog! I’ve been researching and considering going no-poo and I have a few questions for you, if you could spare the time and thought to answer them:

    1. How important is clarifying before starting the no-poo transition, and can I use any cheap shampoo that doesn’t contain silicone? I haven’t really been able to find any information about clarifying, apart from a few mentions on your blog,

    2. I’m going to cut my hair to about half the length it is now, should I start the transition before or after? What would you advise?

    3. Should I definitely use apple cider vinegar, or another type?

    Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge on this blog! 🙂

  3. Hi, today I discovered your blog and let me tell you that I love it!
    Please never let die your “inner hippie”.
    Greetings from México! ❤

  4. Just saw u r blog… I love it. I have been taking Hair Skin Nails from It Works….so far so good. Before I was taking Biotin, and I broke out something horrible. I first started taking Biotin because I dyed my hair purple and it had to be bleached to achieve that color. Long story short, my hair broke off and it freaked me out. Not like at the ends, noon I mean my hair was down to my chin, now pieces are at my ear. I’ve been doing the massages and only wash every three days. No heat, and plenty of water… please wish me luck.👧

  5. So, I’ve recently started reading your blog, and I love it!

    And the reason I’m commenting is because I was wondering, have you ever heard of “Soap Nuts”? They’re basically berries that come from the soap tree. But people have used them as an organic and natural cleaner, detergent, and shampoo! I’m really interested in trying them out, but thought it’d be great if you could do some research about them, and maybe even review them.

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. I love your blog! And I’m happy to say I am finally officially through the transition to water only washing! I have been trying since October 2014 almost giving up many times! The only thing I use on occasion is colloidal oatmeal blended with water to help an itchy scalp and I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on using colloidal oatmeal for hair and skin? Thanks!

  7. I am just recovering from a contact dermatitis problem that began in August! I have to be vigilant about using anything with fragrance or harsh chemicals. My hair is very thin and fine. What are the best products/brand to use?

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