IMG_20190526_174100welcome to my DIY beauty blog! here you’ll find all kinds of DIY recipes for hair, skin, and overall health.

i’m AlexRaye – a hippie at heart that holds a Master of Science (2013) and has formally studied Herbalism and Aromatherapy for certifications (2018). i’m here to show readers they can be empowered, educated consumers.

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  1. Alex,
    I’ve tried desperately to control my acne . Nothing has worked. I wanted to try the OCM way, but I had A few questions. Can I use it daily? I like to wash my face morning an at night. Or should I only use it every couple of days and use the honey or bentonite method on days when I don’t use ocm? My skin is oily and out of control! Your thoughts!?

  2. Hi.
    I enjoyed reading your BLOG. I’ve been using baking soda, vinegar, green tea, rosemary, and mint as my shampoo and conditioner for many years; and, I truly enjoy it. Also, I’ve been using argon oil for my skin with great results. Thanks for spending the time to write about your care tips.
    /s/ Alfonso Faustino

  3. Would it be too much to use the ocm twice a day? And would it be too much to exfoliate twice a week? Do you have a natural toner?

  4. Have you experimented with shampoo bars, like J.R. Liggett’s all natural shampoo bars? I am currently on the second week of no-poo, and am starting to see a positive change; although my hair is super dry and tangly! I did find your page for deep conditioning treatments. I will definitely be excited about trying those treatments, and hopefully put an end to the straw-like hair.

  5. Hello there, also very very happy that i found your blog!! IT started just 2 weeks ago, i was always a low-poo’er( i found out at your blog :p) washed my hair once maybe twice a week with The most organic shampoo i could find here. But Then The last time my hair was NOT happy, iT was greezy and fluffy, so I thought time for henna (i do iT quite often just love red hair, The smell and The benefits!)
    Anyways, so i did henna and noted that i ran out of shampoo! So i just washed iT with water and to my amazement my hair was good! Not frizzy, Back in model, full &shiny! Soooo I thought, ill just wash my hair with henna every week :p (The organic shampoos are superexpensive anyway!) but then I thought twice, there must be more i can use iso henna and there must be more people who love nature and Natural hair ❤
    Well start Google-ing and could only find The soda-vinegar which absolutely did not attrack me. So then I found your blog ❤ ❤ <3!!!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this knowledge!
    Big love from Amsterdam

  6. Hello :):)
    I LOVE your blog ❤

    I found out today that I have "hard" water… I was wondering if that will affect my "low poo". I have curly long hair that is also dry and damaged. I'm nervous the "hard" water will not let my hair get healthy. I'm going to get a filter, but will I need to re clarify?

  7. Hello!
    I am a new low-pooer (I am a curly 🙂 ) just starting out 🙂
    anyways, after going over some of your “natural beauty” post I was wondering if you have any recipes for scars( not acne scars, but regular scars). I had a car accident and I have some burn and stitches scars that I would love to fade away.

    MUCH LOVE!<3

  8. Hi Alex raye! I love your blog and I’m always trying your DIY projects! Have you ever considered making an app?

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