IMG_20190526_174100welcome to my DIY beauty blog! here you’ll find all kinds of DIY recipes for hair, skin, and overall health.

i’m AlexRaye – a hippie at heart that holds a Master of Science (2013) and has formally studied Herbalism and Aromatherapy for certifications (2018). i’m here to show readers they can be empowered, educated consumers.

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  1. Hey Alex!!
    I did something really bad, REALLY bad, a while back and I’m still paying the consequences for it. I bleached my hair…twice…and I have naturally curly hair. So, it’s remarkably damaged. I have been no-/low-poo since June and I constantly use coconut oil and argan oil. My hair is still ridiculously and embarrassingly damaged. I just want to know your opinion on cutting my hair. I LOVE long hair and it breaks my heart that I’m considering cutting it, but I think that might be what’s best. Can you please let me know your opinion?
    Thank you so much!! You’ve helped me achieve the organic life I have always wanted! (and I’m still learning from you).

    Tiffany 🙂

  2. I found your blog on Pinterest. Thanks for all the great information! After a recent cancer scare (it’s all good, thank God), I decided to start cutting the chemicals out of our lives. I started with simple things like switching from margarine to real butter (yum!) and making my own cleaners. Yesterday, I tried the homemade deodorant (my Secret ran out & I didn’t want to go to the store- lol). Anyway, I spent the day raising my arm and saying “smell my pits”. Luckily my daughters are good sports. They agreed that I was totally non-stinky and both decided to try it! Recipe #1 was a success! Next on the list are make-up and tackling the whole no-poo vs. low-poo thing. Thanks again!

  3. alexraye, im so excited that i foun your blog! i wanted to tell you about my wonderful journey since finding your blog:

    ~i started by just switching from proactiv (yuck) and using honey which was wonderful because my face was waaaay less greasy and nasty when i got home from school, but then i wanted to try something new. my hair had been suffering for way too lon so i decided to try no poo, and ive been so happy with the results! ever since i stopped using regular shampoo my bacne has almost disappeared and my hair is so much longer from massaging my scalp and and scritching and preeing. also i have just begun the ocm and i am anxious to see how it works for me! just one question– my hair gets really, really tangly throughout the day. it gets to the point where i really dont want to brush it because im tender headed and it hurts to get the tangles out with my comb. how can i combat this?

    thank you so much,

    1. also, i have made a wonderful all natural chapstick that i use all the time! if you would like to know the recipe, let me know 🙂

  4. I am a 51 yr. old African-American with dry, grey, natural, curly hair (hair type:3a/3b). I want to switch to the water only method due to the retention of sebum. Would this method work well w/my hair? Can I still use my oil concoction: coconut, olive, jojoba, argan, et al natural oils? Would these oils rinse out w/just warm water? Would I even need to use these oils if the sebum production increases? Thanks in advance. Love your site.

    1. thanks for reaching out, vera! it sounds like if the retention of sebum is what you’re after, water-only washing would be a great option for you and your hair type. the only thing is that the oils you use don’t rinse out with just water. you can try co-washing them out, or using a gentle low-poo in order to still use the oil mix. but after some weeks, i don’t imagine you’d need the extra oils 🙂 my biggest piece of advice would be to regularly scritch and preen to move your natural scalp oils down the hair shaft to moisturize and protect. i have a quick video about it here. also, i did a really quick google search and found these blogs talking about water-only with your hair type – blog 1, blog 2, blog 3. i hope this helps! 🙂

  5. Hey, Alex =) I’ve been trying to go low ‘poo and start washing my hair less often, but I’ve run into a very frustrating problem. I roll around a lot when I sleep and I always wake up with a huge cowlick on the back of my head. I don’t like having to wear my hair up every non-wash day–that’s boring! Any ideas for preventing or smoothing it out??

    1. hey kelly! what do you think about wearing a loose braid? a satin pillowcase will help bedhead, too. also, you can always wet your hair down a bit to “smooth” things out in the morning 🙂 hope this gives you some ideas!

  6. Hiya Alex!

    I’m loving your blog, and in particular find your intro to essential/carrier oils article is a really easy and enlightening article to read. Thanks!

    I’m trying to make up a rheumatism rub for a friend and myself, and so far I’m looking at mixing Wintergreen and peanut oils. I wonder have you any knowledge or ideas to share on such a mix? Such druid like rub preps are fast becoming a passion of mine, ‘can’t wait to learn more.

    Many Thanks


  7. Whats the best oils or purifiying systems to use for asthma and allergies? Also, I would like information on hair dyes for my mom. She’s almost completely grey and within the last few years has been having reactions to store & salon hair dyes. She also takes Thyroid medication, which may be triggering it but not sure. Do you have any suggestions on what she could use.

  8. I recently saw a brand called Pacifica and I was intrigued. I read into it and it SEEMS ok. I’m just curious about your thoughts on the products. Thanks!

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