IMG_20190526_174100welcome to my DIY beauty blog! here you’ll find all kinds of DIY recipes for hair, skin, and overall health.

i’m AlexRaye – a hippie at heart that holds a Master of Science (2013) and has formally studied Herbalism and Aromatherapy for certifications (2018). i’m here to show readers they can be empowered, educated consumers.

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  1. I am 2 1/2 weeks into poo free and then read that it is good to clarify your hair first. I didn’t do that buy my hair is kind of gunky. I am thinking about just clarifying the length of my hair and avoiding the scalp so as to not alarm it so it starts producing more oil. Does that make any sense to you? I don’t want to start completely over.

  2. Hey alex,

    I was wondering if you could maybe do a post for a feminine wash. I know you should just use warm water but sometimes it would be nice to make me feel cleaner. Hahaha I know its a super awkward topic but I’m sure a lot of people would like to know too!

  3. I have not been able to find where or what kind of benny oil to buy to make my own shampoo. Can you please comment or email me a link where i can buy benny oil and also raw honey. Thank you, i’ve found your blog to be very helpful.

  4. Hi Alex, absolutely LOVE your site!!! Have been doing the oil cleanse with argan oil, it is AMAZING, and also exfoliating with bicarb, WOW!!!! I was wondering what you personally use as a daily moisturiser (have read your post on moisturisers with spf, great post, thank you!!!)? Apologies if you have answered this already somewhere!!!

  5. Yep. Pretty much in-love with your blog. Everything I have been searching for in one place, good job! What key ingredients/ methods would you recommend for someone traveling and always on the move (can’t carry my pantry around!). Thanks Alex!

  6. Hi Alex,

    My name is Tiffany and I have been doing on pio for about a good year and a half. I started with clarifying, BS & ACV for a very long time. I then moved forward to only using the clarifying shampoo and after that, I mixed Castile soap with argan oil and coconut oil. (still using the ACV as a conditioner) I now wash once every week. I condition my hair probably 3 times a month. I do not use any heat. My hair has been growing but when I went in to my hair stylist, he said I should be washing my hair every single day because I have oily hair. He says it clogs the pores, causing it to close and hair will not grow anymore. So now I’m a bit confused on what I should do since I’m hearing 2 different things. Do keep in mind that I have been doing no poo for a while now. What can I do?? Thanks!

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