i talked with a nutritionist…

disclaimer: i am not a healthcare professional so do NOT take any of this as such. please talk with your healthcare professional before making decisions and changes.ย also, this is a recounting of my wonderful experience with Phil and subject to me forgetting details (because brains). ... not just ANY one... i talked to THE nutritionist [...]


“is this product okay?” : how to read ingredient labels

hey crunchies! i hope you're doing well. today's been pretty nerve-racking for me on the personal side, but in a really good way. hopefully i'll get to share some good news with you on IG (@alexraye_ae) soon... and i promise it's not related to my company at all. are you getting tired of me posting [...]

keeping work crunchy

do you work in an office? if so, this post is for YOU! hopefully this will give you ideas on how to stay true to your "green" ways while working outside of your home. let's keep this short and sweet with a list, shall we? these are my favorites and is in no way an [...]