diy dishwasher detergent & rinse

i've posted on diy dish soap before, but those recipes are a little too runny to put into the dishwasher. this recipe is thicker, and can be followed up with the diy rinse. ... and to be honest, i now have a dishwasher. talk about excitement! these recipes are super simple and can be stored [...]


diy dish soap

as per your crunchy requests, i'm here to share how i make my dish soap. it seems weird that we haven't talked about this before, huh? i'd LOVE to hear what you use, too, so please leave your recipes in the comments! we're gonna go over 3 ways i make my dish soap (which of [...]

advice on beginning a “crunchy” life

the crunchy world is FULL of options, ingredients, potions, alternatives, and other weird things. it's really easy to get overwhelmed! i remember when i first started. i first learned about all the junk in shampoos and conditioners, and it morphed into an obsession about eliminating as many toxins as i could, whether that be beauty [...]