guest post: annie from wild moon holistic (#1)

hi crunchies! today i'm so super excited to have annie on the AE blog! she is a real life, super educated, Certified Clinical Master Herbalist, CCMH™ , Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist, CCMA™ , aaaaand Certified Nutrition Consultant, CNC™.  you can find her blog here and her instagram here.  please show her love by following her [...]

back at last

happy new year, crunchies! i hope you and yours are happy and healthy! it's been quite some time since i've posted on AE... not to mention, i left without a word. you deserve an explanation. right? right. the last 8 months have been quite the period of growth, challenges, great losses, and great gains. i had [...]

i’m not perfect.

happy friday, crunchies! here on AE, i feel like i talk a lot about what i do to take care of my body as far as beauty products, ingredients, and diet goes. but i'm not perfect and that should never be the image i portray. so let's get real. my skin is far from flawless. [...]