top 10 green beauty products: “feelin’ pretty”

out of the all the posts on this d.i.y.-focused blog, i have yet to formally applaud my TOP green beauty products. this will be a little series with multiple categories, starting with the FEELIN’ PRETTY category!

here we go!


this list is all about things that have made me feel pretty and have stood the test of time with me. if you’ve been an AE reader long enough or follow my instagram, you’re sure to have seen me rave over these before.

  • tsi-laroll-on perfume oil in ‘kesu’ 
    • this scent is so warming and grounding and alluring. i’ve probably talked your ears off about it already… but f you’re new here – i bought multiple bottles before leaving the U.S. so i didn’t have to be without it. dear tsi-la, please make bigger bottles. love, me.
  • root pretty100% lash mascara
    • hands-down the best natural mascara i’ve ever used. my lashes look so long and fluffy. best of all – it’s $14.
  • root prettypressed eyeshadow in ‘rosewood’
    • it’s not an exaggeration when i say i wear this shade every single day. the shade name is very fitting – it’s the perfect light brown shade with tones of rose and orange.
  • root prettypretty gloss in ‘casey’
    • usually i’m not one for lip gloss because my hair gets stuck in it, but this one feels like gloss and balm had a baby and i love it. the shade casey is a really pale pink and is really flattering on my skintone on the days i want a little extra shine. it looks super light and pastey on the website photos, but i assure it’s not in real life. there’s a lot of colors, so check ’em out.
  • silk naturalsvelvet matte lipstick in ‘obsession’
    • i’m usually not one for lipsticks, but this is the shade that made me fall in love. it’s a beautiful dusty plum and it makes me feel so put together and fancy. and did you see that it’s only $6? what in the world. there are SO many colors in all types of formulations. they even formulate natural dupes of well-known shades from MAC.
  • au naturaleall-glowing creme highlighter stick in ‘rose gold’ 
    • i remember when i first tried this highlighter and i wasn’t thrilled with how easily it came off my face. i will say i’m still not thrilled with wear time, but i’ve learned this issue comes with the territory of opting for a cream highlighter…. and now i wear it most days on my cheekbones. yaasss.
  • 100% pureliquid eyeliner in ‘black tea’
    • if you’re looking for an eyeliner that doesn’t freaking budge and won’t irritate your eyes, here you go. the long wand takes some getting used to, but the pigmentation and performance are amazing. my only qualm is that it seems to be severely overpriced at $30.
  • 100% purecocoa butter matte lipstick in ‘hyacinthus’
    • after silk naturals made me fall in love with lipstick, boy alex bought me this one. i was scared of how bright it was, but with my pale skin and blue eyes, it looks really nice. it’s super creamy and pigmented, too. it’s quite a small stick for nearly $30 (what you see in the photo above is all the product you get. that’s it.) so like the eyeliner, it’s overpriced to me… but a really nice product.
  • mineral fusionsnail polish in ‘trinket’ *
    • i put the asterisk because nail polish is not green nor natural. but if this is one thing you make a concession on, like me, being free of super toxins is better than not. it’s a beautiful bright berry color that’s super wearable on my skin tone. sorry to disappoint anyone by including this polish, but at least i’m honest.
  • josh rosebrookbotanical fragrance ‘ethereal’ 
    • this fragrance made the list for me because of how balanced and long-lasting (and clean) it is. i do prefer kesu on me, but this scent on boy alex is downright swoon-worthy. he only wears it on special occasions because it’s extremely out of our budget as a regular purchase. but if you’re looking for a truly special and indulgent gift to yourself or a loved one, this sultry scent will be treasured.

do you see any you love? what are YOUR favorite green beauty products that make you feel pretty?

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2015 green beauty in review

in the spirit of the approaching 2016 year, i thought it’d be fun for us to swap our favorites for 2015!

please share whatever you’ve enjoyed from this last year so the rest of our community can learn more 🙂


this year has been a really great one! i’ve experimented with and shared so many recipes, learned so much from you, and even began the journey to start my own all-natural beauty line. (btw – i’m so super excited to go out for sale!)

here’s a list of my “DIY vs BUY” favorites that are definitely going to follow me into the next year –

DIY favorites:




purchased favorites:



THANK YOU for your continued support. thank you for being a part of the green beauty, “crunchy” community. thank you for always supporting each other and sharing your stories and knowledge.

i couldn’t ask for better supporters.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, crunchies! all my love to you! 

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just a reminder – none of the links in the “purchased” category contain affiliates. click freely on anything i publish here on AE ❤


honeybee gardens – lipstick review & swatches

the past week i’ve been wearing different shades of lipsticks from the company honeybee gardens.

here are 6 shades i’ve tried, my thoughts, and their ingredients. please note that this post is not sponsored – i only purchased samples this time around.


brace yourselves for way too many selfies!


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