problems with no-‘poo or low-‘poo? here’s the holy grail of natural shampoos…

crunchies. i think i’ve done it… i think i’ve created the magic hippie shampoo for all hair types. i don’t wanna get ahead of myself, but get excited. i’m always trying to learn more and more about the crunchy lifestyle. i want to find 928374 ways to wash hair, wash dishes, clean bathtubs, etc. i [...]

so you’ve got the flakes…

so you've gone no-poo/low-poo and now you've started seeing some flakes... or maybe the cold weather has dried up your poor scalp. let's check out some ways to keep your scalp moisturized and healthy! causes of dry scalp/flakes/dandruff: dry scalp irritation to ingredients bacteria/fungus on the scalp so what can we do to help our scalps [...]

tips for ROM success

if you follow me, you know the ROM has been a long journey for me... and i was already a no-'poo-er. i thought i'd share some things i learned along the way that really helped my transition! make sure your hair has been clarified at some point before your ROM transition. it'll help drastically! there'll [...]

traveling & no-poo

low-'poo-ers have the luxury of throwing their products into their luggage & heading outta town! & ROM crunchies don't have to worry about packing anything. so where does that leave no-'poo-ers with their homemade mixes?? whether it be for business or vacation, let's talk no-'poo travel. here are some things to think about before you [...]