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advice on beginning a “crunchy” life

the crunchy world is FULL of options, ingredients, potions, alternatives, and other weird things. it’s really easy to get overwhelmed! i remember when i first started. i first learned about all the junk in shampoos and conditioners, and it morphed into an obsession about eliminating as many toxins as i could, whether that be beauty… Continue reading advice on beginning a “crunchy” life

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uncle harry’s – product review!

when a reader asked about uncle harry’s products, they immediately caught my eye. they claimed their shampoo contained a mix of apple cider vinegar AND castile soap. in the same bottle. mixed… hold up! castile soap is nothing but saponified oils… vinegar UNsaponifies these, taking away the cleaning power, and making it look curdled. so… Continue reading uncle harry’s – product review!

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natural laundry detergents & softener

i’m not quite sure why i’ve taken so long to actually post this… sorry crunchies! but this routine is by far the easiest and most convenient way to wash your laundry naturally! NO MIXING INGREDIENTS if you don’t want to! although it is more “expensive”. the cheapest requires a little mixing, but it’s SUPER cheap!… Continue reading natural laundry detergents & softener