natural laundry detergents & softener

i'm not quite sure why i've taken so long to actually post this... sorry crunchies! but this routine is by far the easiest and most convenient way to wash your laundry naturally! NO MIXING INGREDIENTS if you don't want to! although it is more "expensive". the cheapest requires a little mixing, but it's SUPER cheap! [...]


how to tell if your products are safe (& common products i’m asked about)

i know i've posted on this a few times already, but i still get A LOT of questions about whether a certain product someone has/has found is okay to use. hopefully this post helps sort that out ๐Ÿ™‚ keep in mind, i am VERY picky about my products. if i even see a single ingredient [...]

rinse only method (ROM) / water only washing

[ check outย UPDATE 1ย (5/9/13),ย UPDATE 2ย (5/24/13),ย UPDATE 3ย (6/21/13),ย UPDATE 4ย (8/15/13) ]oh, readers... dear readers... i will be embarking on the journey to only "washing" my hair by rinsing it with water! that's it! seriously.ย ย what is water-only-washing/ the ROM?it's literally only washing your hair with water. it's the ultimate low maintenance hair routine, but does require more elbow grease.with [...]