EWG’s database (to use as a starting point. you should still research the individual ingredients on your own)

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics


(these are ones that i recommend & their direct links. i am not sponsored nor are any of these links affiliate links.  you do NOT need these specific ones if you have a brand you prefer! remember to always check your local organic and/or health food stores , too!)

vitamins, clays, powders, oils, soaps, etc.

activated charcoal

aloe vera

argan oil

bentonite clay

calcium-magnesium powder (calmag powder)

castile soap (liquid or bar)

coconut oil

dr bronner

emu oil

essential oils

kaolin clay

lip balm/chapstick

MSM powder

raw honey

  • you want to buy this local 🙂

raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar

  • bragg’s (in health food stores, organic stores & some “regular” grocery stores)

shea moisture shampoo

witch hazel


AE thumbs up:

  • shampoos/conditioners (click here)
  • cosmetics (click here)
  • nail polishes/removers (click here)
  • uncle harry’s
  • 100% pure
  • shea moisture
  • organic wear (by PF)
  • badger balm
  • dr bronner
  • calia

AE thumbs down:


29 thoughts on “resources

    1. hey pam! unfortunately they actually do contain yucky ingredients like petroleum by-products. they’re yet another company that practices green-washing 😦

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