catch-up #9

happy monday tuesday, crunchies! it's been quite some time since we had a catch-up post. i can't call them weekly now, can i? haha! today's post is gonna feature some products i've been testing out to share with you - a facial oil, body balm, lip tints, and eye cream. if you want more details [...]

weekly catch-up #8

happy monday, crunchies! i hope everyone had a fun and/or relaxing and/or productive weekend! what did you do? today's catch up post will be super short. don't forget to leave your thoughts and advice below! ALL-NATURAL LIPSTICKS.  i'm in the market for an all-natural lipstick that doesn't break the bank. i'd ideally like one darker [...]

weekly catch-up #3

happy wednesday, crunchies! woo, this post is l-a-t-e. apologies! this weekly catch-up is super short since i was out of the country lately. and plus, i have a bella mari make-up review post coming up for you soon! yay! NEW FAVORITE LEAVE-IN. i'm currently in the thick of southern summer heat and sun, and i've already had [...]

weekly catch-up #2

  happy sunday, crunchies! are sundays your fun-days? or spa days? personally, i like to do absolutely nothing on sundays (if i'm not traveling)... just me and the cats... ROM/WATER-ONLY UPDATE. i've gotten a lot of questions about how ROM is going. this might get its own post soon because i still have a lot [...]